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Graduate Admissions & Records

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Graduate Admissions & Records
University of Victoria
University Centre A206
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
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Graduate Admissions & Records
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Graduate Admissions & Records
University of Victoria
P O Box 3025
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office-Reception 250-472-4657 UVC A206
FAX 250-472-5420 UVC A206
Director Ada Saab 250-472-5328 UVC A206d
GARO Officers Sabrina Jackson 250-721-8755 UVC A206b
Tricia Charlton 250-472-5057 UVC A206a
Sherry Graver 250-721-8715 UVC A206c
Bettina Mueller-Browne 250-721-8573 UVC A206
Administrative Assistant Kathy MacLeod 250-721-8717 UVC A206
Receptionist Bradley Ledger 250-472-4657 UVC A206
Graduate Clerks Diane Price 250-472-5190 UVC A206
Rachel Strandquist 250-721-7974 UVC A206
Scott Baker 250-721-7976 UVC A206
Sarah Burrough 250-472-5419 UVC A206
Abby Pollen 250-472-5407 UVC A206
Clerk Cam MacLeod 250-721-6687 UVC A206
Input Clerks Lynne West 250-472-5418 UVC A206
Maria Soriano 250-472-5417 UVC A206
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Scott Baker   250-721-7976 (local: 7976)
Sarah Burrough
Tricia Charlton UVC 250-472-5057 (local: 5057)
Sherry Graver UVC 250-721-8715 (local: 8715)
Sabrina Jackson UVC 250-721-8755 (local: 8755)
Bradley Ledger
Cameron MacLeod   250-721-6687 (local: 6687)
Kathy MacLeod UVC 250-721-8717 (local: 8717)
Bettina Mueller-Browne UVC 250-721-8573 (local: 8573)
Abby Pollen
Diane Price UVC A206 250-472-5190 (local: 5190)
Ada Saab UVC A206d 250-472-5328 (local: 5328)
Maria Soriano Carrion CLE 343 250-721-7236 (local: 7236)
Rachel Strandquist   250-721-7974 (local: 7974)
Lynne West UVC 250-472-5418 (local: 5418)