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Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building A316
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
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Department of Political Science
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
Department of Political Science
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Department Secretary Joy Austin 250-721-6637 DTB A316
Receptionist Tamaya Moreton 250-472-5458 DTB A316
Graduate Secretary Joanne Denton 250-721-7486 DTB A316
Administrative Officer Rosemary Barlow 250-853-3567 DTB A316a
FAX 721 7485 250-721-7485
Chair Avigail Eisenberg 250-853-3528 DTB A316b
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Kelly Aguirre Turner
Taiaiake Alfred HSD A260c 250-721-6439 (local: 6439)
Janni Aragon LIB 034A 250-853-3582 (local: 3582)
Joy Austin DTB A316 250-721-6637 (local: 6637)
Richard Baker   250-853-3524 (local: 3524)
Herman Bakvis HSD A342 250-721-8065 (local: 8065)
Sikata Banerjee CLE C306 250-721-7259 (local: 7259)
Rosemary Barlow DTB A316 250-853-3567 (local: 3567)
Nicole Bates-Eamer SED C195 250-721-6490 (local: 6490)
Colin Bennett DTB A336 250-721-7495 (local: 7495)
Michelle Bonner DTB A338 250-853-3561 (local: 3561)
Regan Burles
Katherine Burnett
Adam Carmichael
Marlea Clarke DTB A344 250-721-6487 (local: 6487)
Jeff Corntassel HSD A260 250-721-6440 (local: 6440)
Graeme Crouch
Claire Cutler DTB A352 250-721-7493 (local: 7493)
Valerie D'Erman
Senada Delic
Joanne Denton DTB A316 250-721-7486 (local: 7486)
Rita Dhamoon DTB A339
Janice Dowson
Ivan Dumka
Avigail Eisenberg DTB A349 250-721-7499 (local: 7499)
Julian Evans
Guillaume Filion
Simon Glezos DTB A310 250-853-3524 (local: 3524)
Phil Henderson
Matt James DTB 250-721-6489 (local: 6489)
Jessica Kolopenuk
Arthur Kroker DTB A333 250-721-7489 (local: 7489)
Will Kujala
David Lark
Jamie Lawson DTB A346 250-721-7496 (local: 7496)
Jasmine Liu
Warren Magnusson DTB 250-472-5466 (local: 5466)
Iryna Matiyenko
Tamaya Moreton DTB A316 205-472-5458 (local: 5458)
Timothy Palmer
Laura Parisi CLE B119 250-472-4277 (local: 4277)
Nick Poole
Jocelyne Praud
Michael Prince HSD B234 250-721-8043 (local: 8043)
Beate Schmidtke DTB A316 250-721-6490 (local: 6490)
Oliver Schmidtke DTB A345 250-721-7490 (local: 7490)
Karena Shaw DTB B243b 250-472-5070 (local: 5070)
Michael Simpson
Richard Spearman
Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark DTB A351 250-721-6430 (local: 6430)
Joao Sterrett
Matt Stuckenberg
Ariel Taylor
Reeta Tremblay DTB A316 250-853-3567 (local: 3567)
Amy Verdun DTB A316b 250-853-3528 (local: 3528)
Rob Walker DTB A343
Scott Watson DTB A348 250-472-4715 (local: 4715)
Michael Webb BEC 464 250-853-3938 (local: 3938)
Andrew Wender DTB A306 250-853-3580 (local: 3580)
Sarah Marie Wiebe DTB A304 250-853-3524 (local: 3524)
Sarah Wilkinson
Guoguang Wu DTB A335 250-721-7497 (local: 7497)
Feng Xu DTB A347 250-472-4263 (local: 4263)
Liming Zheng