Machine Shop


Chris Secord

Jeff Trafton


Shop Location
Room: Elliott 029 (Basement)
Phone: 250-721-7721

Hours of Service
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm
The shop is closed all other hours, weekends and holidays.
No one is permitted to enter or work in the shop after hours without the express permission of the shop supervisor.

Priority of Work

The Machine Shop now serves the Faculty of Science, so the normal priority for processing work will be:
  1. The repair or fabrication of equipment for undergraduate labs of Science departments. Labour is not charged, however, parts costs are recovered.
  2. The repair or fabrication of equipment for research labs of Science departments. Labour is not charged, however, parts costs are recovered.
  3. The repair or fabrication of equipment by any other department/unit on campus whether for teaching or research. Labour is charged at $50/hour and parts costs are recovered.

Shop Safety

No tool, equipment, or facility is to be used for commercial purposes nor shall any tool or item of equipment be removed from the shop without the approval of the shop staff.

The shop machinists will be responsible for completing jobs that are brought into the shop. Any other eligible user wishing to use shop equipment or tools must seek the permission of shop staff, demonstrate competence with the use of the equipment and basic shop practices, and have a shop staff member present. Eligible users may include:
  • Senior Physics & Astronomy undergraduate students
  • Faculty of Science graduate students
  • Faculty of Science faculty, research personnel and staff

Customers are encouraged to submit new jobs using the web form below, and consultations will be arranged as soon as possible. A description, drawing, sample or prototype of the job to be done is desirable. The machinist assigned to the job will discuss the requirements in detail with the customer, and work with them to achieve the desired results.

All customers are responsible for notifying their respective supervisor prior to consultation with shop staff, and a FAST account number must accompany all work to be completed, even if it is determined that there will be no charge.