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Faculty in Biology



Barbara Ehlting, Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: PCH 005
Phone: 250-472-4066

150A (Modern Biology)
186 (Physiology and Cell Biology)
230 (Genetics)
248 (Organismal Biology)
360 (Cell Biology)
361 (Molecular Genetics)
362 (Techniques in Molecular Biology)
453 (Plant Stress Physiology)

I provide lecture slides prior to the lecture with lots of figures, some questions and summaries. My slides have blanks and questions to encourage you as a student to be alert during the lecture and to develop answers together during class. My door is always open and I welcome you as a student to discuss lecture topics, exams and future career options.

I studied Biology at the Julius-Maximilians University in Wuerzburg, Germany and finished with a diploma degree (master equivalent) in 1997. During my diploma thesis I was working on the analysis of xylem pressure in maize roots.

I continued with a PhD thesis at the institute for Meteorology and Climate Research & Atmospheric Environmental Research (IMK-IFU) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. I focused on the molecular isolation of the very first isoprene synthase gene (isoprene is a hemiterpene). I used cyanobacteria and poplar as model systems for plants and worked with molecular, biochemical and analytical techniques. I graduated from the University of Cologne, Faculty of Science, with a doctorate degree of science (Dr. rer. nat., PhD equivalent) in 2001.

As a postdoctoral fellow I moved to Michael Smith laboratory at UBC in Vancouver, BC, and continued my studies on terpene synthase genes. I focused on the insect defense reactions in conifers by analysing terpene synthase genes expressions and terpene accumulations.

I moved back to Germany in 2004 to work as a group leader at the Institute for Forest Botany and Tree Physiology at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg. I focused on molecular analysis of nitrogen metabolism in poplar. I started to teach classes at the forestry and biology department.

Since 2008 I am teaching at the Biology department at University of Victoria.

Selected Publications (Barbara Ehlting formerly named Barbara Miller):

1. H. WILDHAAGEN, J. DÜRR, B. EHLTING, H. RENNENBERG (2010): Seasonal nitrogen cycling in the bark of field-grown Grey poplar is correlated with meteorological factors and gene expression of bark storage proteins. Tree Physiology 30(9):1096-1110.

2. H. RENNENBERG, H. WILDHAGEN, B. EHLTING (2010): Nitrogen Nutrition of Poplar Trees. Plant Biology 12(2): 275-291.

3. B. EHLTING, P. DLUZNIEWSKA, H. DIETRICH, A. SELLE, M. TEUBER, R. HÄNSCH, U. NEHLS, A. POLLE, J.-P. SCHNITZLER, H. RENNENBERG & A. GESSLER (2007) Interaction of nitrogen nutrition and salinity in Grey poplar (Populus tremula x alba). Plant, Cell & Environment 30(7): 796-811.

4. B. MILLER, L.L. MADILAO, S. RALPH, J. BOHLMANN (2005) Insect-Induced Conifer Defense. White Pine Weevil and Methyl Jasmonate Induce Traumatic Resinosis, de Novo Formed Volatile Emissions, and Accumulation of Terpenoid Synthase and Putative Octadecanoid Pathway Transcripts in Sitka Spruce. Plant Physiology 137: 369-382.

5. B. MILLER, C. OSCHINSKI, W. ZIMMER (2001) First isolation of an isoprene synthase gene and successful expression of the gene from poplar in E. coli. Planta 213: 483-487

6. H. SCHNEIDER, N. WISTUBA, B. MILLER, P. GESSNER, F. THÜRMER, P. MELCHER, F. MEINZER, U. ZIMMERMANN (1997) Diurnal variation in the radial reflection coefficient of intact maize roots determined with the xylem pressure probe. Journal of Experimental Botany 48(317): 2045-2053

For full list of my publications, please click here.

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