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News and events


  • UVic Physicist leads creation of advanced rare isotope laboratory

    University of Victoria physicist Dean Karlen leads the creation of ARIEL, a brand new particle physics laboratory, in Vancouver.

    At the heart of ARIEL – the Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory – is an electron linear accelerator and an underground beam tunnel that will advance Canada’s capabilities in particle and nuclear physics, materials science, and environmental remediation.

  • International study solves deep-sea puzzle - December, 2013

    The final piece of a deep-sea puzzle that has long fascinated scientists has been found, after a two-month research expedition in a part of the Pacific Ocean that resembles an underwater Grand Canyon.

    A team of international researchers on the ship JOIDES Resolution recovered primitive layered rocks that originated at least four kilometres beneath the seafloor in their expedition to the Hess Deep rift, about 900 kilometres west of the Galapagos Islands. It is the first time rock from that deep in the earth’s ocean crust has been retrieved, and required years of complex planning.

    The rock confirms and refines hypotheses about how the ocean crust forms, says Kathy Gillis, UVic’s associate dean of science. Gillis and Jonathan Snow, from the University of Houston, co-led the team of international scientists. Gillis is the lead author of an article on the expedition in Nature, the leading international science journal. (Note: the paper is lengthy and can take a moment or two to show.)

    The JOIDES Resolution is operated through the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP), which is dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of the Earth through drilling, coring, and monitoring the sub-seafloor. Canadian participation in IODP is coordinated by the Canadian Consortium for Ocean Drilling (CCOD). The annual membership fee for Canadian participation in IODP is funded by a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.  For more information, visit
  • Dylan Collins - Biochemistry and Microbiology - December, 2013
    We are very proud to announce that Dylan Collins is one of Canada's newest Rhodes Scholars.  Dylan, a biochemistry student, will study public health at Oxford University on an all-expenses-paid two-year post-graduate study student award. Congratulations, Dylan!  Read More
  • 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics - October, 2013

    TRIUMF, the national laboratory co-founded by UVic, UBC and SFU in the late '60s, announced today's news about the Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Prof. Higgs and colleague. Adjunct professor Robert McPherson is Canada's ATLAS spokesperson, and has already been interviewed by TV.  Click here for details.  Read more.

  • Russ Robb - Physics and Astronomy - August, 2013

    Farewell to the Centre of the Universe

    The Times Colonist includes comment from Russell Robb, a senior physics and astronomy lab instructor, in its story about the closure of the popular educational arm of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. "It's sad and a real shame," Robb says.  Read more.
  • Stephen Johnston - Earth & Ocean Sciences - July, 2013
    Stephen T. Johnston was elected to the McGill Sports Hall of Fame as a member of the 1982 McGill Redman Soccer team. McGill’s 1982 Redmen soccer team – which captured the Canadian championship – headline a new cast of inductees selected for the McGill Sports Hall of Fame. The 1982 soccer Redmen posted a stellar 15-1-3 overall record en route to capturing both the Quebec league title and the national championship. They will be celebrating the 31st anniversary of their CIAU banner this fall.  Stephen was previously inducted as a member of the 1981 Redman soccer, which also captured the Canadian Championship, and is one of the few two time inductees into the McGill Sports Hall of Fame, and is one of a very select group of athletes who have won two Canadian soccer championships.
  • Colin Goldblatt - Earth & Ocean Sciences - July, 2013

    Will Earth's oceans boil away?

    International media outlets, including National Geographic, New Scientist, NBC, UPI, Mother Jones, as well as the Nature Publishing Group for the Asia bureau (Japanese, untranslated) and the Independent in the UK, are covering the new paper published in Nature Geosciences. Colin Goldblatt is lead author on the study about the runaway greenhouse effect.  Read more.

    How a planet becomes a 'runaway greenhouse'

    A popular science website has also picked up the story on the new study led by Colin Goldblatt on the runaway greenhouse effect.  Read more.

  • Dean Karlen - Physics & Astronomy - July, 2013

    UVic researchers are looking for antimatter

    Dean Karlen and this month's T2K news is featured on the front page of today's "Life" section in the Times Colonist. The international team is trying to determine why matter exists at all. The international project called T2K is being pursued by 400 physicists from 11 countries, and focuses on a little-understood particle called the neutrino. Read more.

  • Stephen Johnston - Earth and Ocean Sciences - July, 2013


    New GSA Fellows Elected by Council Society Fellowship is an honor bestowed on the best of our profession by election at the spring GSA Council meeting. GSA members are nominated by existing GSA Fellows in recognition of their distinguished contributions to the geosciences through such avenues as publications, applied research, teaching, administration of geological programs, contributing to the public awareness of geology, leadership of professional organizations, and taking on editorial, bibliographic, and library responsibilities. 

    GSA’s newly elected Fellows will be recognized at the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony on Monday, 28 Oct., at the Colorado Convention Center.

    Stephen T. Johnston (University of Victoria):
      Johnston is nominated for his provocative and innovative research, which has recognized a new class of mountain belts, as well as his sterling geo-citizenry as demonstrated by his ongoing commitment to professional organizations, editorial duties, outreach, and the education of his students.  Read more.
  • Colin Goldblatt - Earth & Ocean Sciences - July, 2013

    Runaway greenhouse effect could doom Earth sooner

    A new study by Colin Goldblatt is the most complete look at the runaway greenhouse effect in 25 years and indicates it may be easier than initially thought to trigger the effect on Earth. The study is published in Nature GeoscienceRead more.

  • Fraser Hof - Chemistry - July, 2013
    Fraser Hof was interviewed Friday on CBC Radio Victoria's "On the Island" morning show, as well as on CFAX 1070's afternoon program, about his research into potential new treatments for the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer. The research recently received a Movember Discovery Grant from Prostate Cancer Canada. Read More
  • Robert Kowalewski - Physics & Astronomy - July, 2013

    Petition launched to save Centre of the Universe

    The Times Colonist reports that, as a petition to keep the lights on at the Centre of the Universe approaches 800 signatures, the federal government remains on course to shut the doors on Aug. 24. Robert Kowalewski and BC Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver both provide comment.  Read more

  • Fran Nano - Biochemistry & Microbiology - July, 2013

    Siberian and UVic scientists on new vaccine against TB

    Siberian scientists, together with colleagues from UVic, will test a bold hypothesis to potentially create a new vaccine against tuberculosis based on Arctic bacteria. This was the story in a Russian newspaper this week. Francis Nano is leading the project in Canada, partnering with scientists at the Novosibirsk TB Research Institute in Russia. UVic News

  • Fraser Hof - Chemistry - July, 2013

    Fraser Hof, Chemistry / Rustom Bhiladvala, Mechanical Engineering

    Reversing the Canadian brain drain

    For Jorge Peña and Anup Daté, a summer at UVic provided hands-on training in high-tech research, and a chance to explore a scenic new city. For Canada, it’s a 12-week opportunity to convince the brightest young minds from emerging economies to relocate here. Peña (supervised by Fraser Hof, Chemistry) and Daté (supervised by Rustom Bhiladvala, Mechanical Engineering) are two of 14 science and engineering interns from Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey or Vietnam who attended UVic this summer, and of 280 in Canada, under the Mitacs-Globalink program.  Victoria News

  • Frank van Veggel - Chemistry - July, 2013

    Victoria researcher develops high-tech method to detect prostate cancer

    Frank van Veggel has been researching the use of nanoparticles in the detection and screening for prostate cancers. Besides this project, which van Veggel is developing at his UVic lab in partnership with the Victoria branch of the BC Cancer Agency, he has received separate grants to work on nanoparticles for brain cancer and breast cancer.  Metro

  • Frank van Veggel - Chemistry - July, 2013

    Prostate cancer, a tough nut to crack

    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in Canada, affecting one in seven, and killing about 16 per cent of those diagnosed. But Frank van Veggel and other UVic researchers are developing distinctly separate high-tech techniques that could lead to relatively easy early detection and non-invasive treatment of prostate cancer.  Victoria News

  • Andrew Weaver - Earth and Ocean Sciences - June, 2013

    Weaver beams into history (front-page photo in TC)

    Andrew Weaver walked through the revolving doors of the BC legislature and into the history books yesterday as the province’s first Green party MLA. Both the Times Colonist and the local Press Group paper (the latter story being filed by legislative bureau chief Tom Fletcher) are reporting that Dr. Weaver has taken political leave from UVic. The TC also indicates he'll be taking a pay cut; Fletcher indicates he'll remain active in his scientific role.  Read More
  • Christoph Borchers - Chemistry - June, 2013

    Planet discovery, genome funding unveiled in Victoria

    Another prominent front-page article in the Times Colonist announces that UVic’s Genome BC Proteomics Centre, led by Christoph Borchers, will receive nearly $4.3 million in funding from Genome Canada for protein and molecular research.  Read more
  • 2012-13 Faculty of Science award winners

    The 2012-13 Faculty of Science Award winners were recently announced: 

    Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Teaching Dr. Scott McIndoe, Department of Chemistry 
    Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Research

    Dr. Pavel Kovtun, Department of Physics and Astronomy

    Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Service

    Dr. Jody Spence, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

     A reception will be held in the fall to honor these recipients.

News Archive



Featured news and Events

Sleep for Success: The Power of Sleep on Body, Brain and Performance

Join world-renowned sleep expert, Dr. James Maas, for a look into the Science of sleep, and how the epidemic of sleep deprivation is affecting our health, productivity and performance.

Thursday, October 2, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
Farquhar Auditorium, University of Victoria

Recent medical research proves that sleep deprivation literally “makes you clumsy, stupid, stressed out, unhealthy and will shorten your life.” This humorous and eye-opening presentation is sure to wake you up and enhance the quality of your life. You will learn the serious consequences of sleep deprivation for thinking, performance, health and lifespan.

Dr. James Maas

Find out how you can become better scholars and athletes literally overnight. Know how to conquer bouts of insomnia, and learn the golden rules that will assure you a great night's sleep to increase your daytime alertness, psychological mood, productivity, cognitive performance, creativity, athletic skill, health and quality of life.

Dr. James B. Maas, Presidential Fellow at Cornell University, is one of the world's most sought-after corporate, health, education and athletic performance speakers. Dr. Maas' book, Power Sleep, is a New York Times business best seller and has been published in 11 languages. His latest book, Sleep for Success, is receiving wide acclaim. In the past two years there have been over 200 articles in the popular press about Dr. Maas' work on sleep and performance.

This free public lecture has reserved seating.

Tickets can be booked in advance at 250-721-8480 or

HF group photo  

Faculty of Science Honours Fest

The Faculty of Science recently hosted the 2nd annual Honours Fest.  Fifty-one particiants displayed posters and welcomed questions from the general public, staff, students and faculty.  After careful deliberation, the following winners were chosen:

1st Place Jennifer Evancio Biochemistry-Microbiology
2nd Place Connor Bottrell Physics-Astronomy
3rd Place Johanna Berry Biology

Honourable Mention Rob Mackenzie Biochemistry-Microbiology
Honourable Mention Debra Wertman Biology
Honourable Mention Jessamyn Logan Chemistry
Honourable Mention Stephanie Yurchak Mathematics-Statistics
Honourable Mention Andrew Robertson Physics-Astronomy
Honourable Mention Pearce Luck School of Earth and Ocean Sciences


Congratulations to all for a job well done!  Please enjoy these photos from this event.  Read More


Dean Rob Lipson with Jennifer Evancio

Dean and Jennifer   


Dean with Connor Bottrell

Dean and Connor


Dean Rob Lipson with Johanna Berry

Dean and Johanna    


Dean Rob Lipson with Rob Mackenzie

Dean and Andrew


Dean Rob Lipson with Debra Wertman

Dean with Debra   


Dean Rob Lipson with Jessamyn Logan

 Dean with Jessamyn


Dean Rob Lipson with Stephanie Yurchak

Dean wit Stephanie   


Dean Rob Lipson with Andrew Robertson

Dean with Andrew


Dean Rob Lipson with Pearce Luck

Dean with Pearce 


Poster Session

 General Photo 1


Poster Session

General Day 2   


Poster Session

General Day 3


Poster Session

General Day 4

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