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Warwick Dobson

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Warwick Dobson
University Scholar in Applied Theatre and Chair, Department of Theatre
Languages: English

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- Drama and theatre in education
- Reminiscence and intergenerational theatre with seniors
- Drama and applied theatre in health settings
- History of applied theatre

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Dr. Warwick Dobson's teaching creates a new type of community theatre.

Dr. Dobson is chair of the Department of Theatre at the University of Victoria and the University Scholar in Applied Theatre.

Applied theatre, says Dr. Dobson, is about bringing theatre and drama skills into new arenas for the purposes of teaching, for bringing about social change or for building a sense of community.

Much of Dr. Dobson's recent work focuses on two strains of applied theatre: reminiscence and intergenerational theatre.

Under his guidance, his graduate and undergraduate students recently set up a permanent reminiscence theatre company at a seniors' residence in Victoria. There, a small company of students and community members collect stories from elders and then present them back to the residence community later in the form of a play.

Dr. Dobson is also excited to be launching a project at a seniors' village in Tamil Nadu, India. He will be taking students to India where they will help the community there form their own intergenerational theatre company. Eventually he hopes to have that company tour Canada.

Every one of Dr. Dobson's applied theatre students from second year on are expected to engage with the community in some way. Such practice-based research brings the university in close collaboration with community members, forging relationships and making a difference at the same time.

Dr. Dobson is also very interested in the uses of drama and theatre in education and has written some of the standard works on theatre and drama for schools.

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UK, USA, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic