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Margo Matwychuk

Contact Information

Margo Matwychuk
Phone Number:(250) 721-6283
Languages: English, Portuguese

Research Information

Research Description

Anthropology of Power
Rural and Urban Societies
Political Economy
Housing and Homelessness
Latin America
The Caribbean
Everyday practices and resistances of women and community organizations in northeastern Brazil.

Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary Feminist Method and Theory Research
Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching on Housing and Homelessness

Health Related Research

Medicalization of Homelessness

Research Keywords

Community Interaction

Community Projects

I have conducted participatory action research with community associations and organizations in the downtown of Victoria. Iam currently involved in research on housing and homelessness in Victoria.

Community Collaborations

I conducted participatory action research over a five year period with the Downtown Neighbourhood Association and the Downtown Community Activity Centre and am currently involved in research with the Victoria Cool Aid Society. I am also a member of the Research and Evaluation Working Group of the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.

International Involvement

International Research

I have worked on a variety of research projects in Brazil over the last 21 years. I have focused primarily on the political economy, power relations, and resistance of community and women's organizations in the sugar cane producing region of northeastern Brazil.

General International Activities

I have worked with the Beck Lecture Series at the University of Victoria to promote research about and by Icelanders.

Countries lived/worked in

Brazil, Mexico, The United States and Germany