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Peter Keller

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Peter Keller
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Languages: English, German

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Research Description

Research Description

Specializes in the advancement and applications of the geographic information sciences (GIS) for better decision making and decision support, with recent application focussing on wellness geography, community mapping, risk assessment (especially marine) and tourism.

Expertise Profile

Expert in the map, cartography and geo-visualization, past President of the Canadian Cartographic Association, past editor of CARTOGRAPHICA, past Chair of Canada’s National Committee to the International Cartographic Association, and for many years was on the Board of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics. Published a book on map design and numerous scholarly articles on the subject
Expert in the advancement of the geographic information sciences for better decision making with many publications introducing innovative ways spatial data and spatial analysis have been applied to real world problems as well as theoretical developments.
Long history of promoting community mapping as a tool for citizen engaged planning, including publications advancing the PPGIS (Public Participatory GIS) agenda; record of promoting community engaged scholarship.

Long-standing history in the advancement of tourism research especially as related to planning and decision making.
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences since 2004 including development of insights and expertise in university administration.

On my radar screen is to study the geography of yachting since I love sailing and since there are many interesting spatial questions here that remain unanswered.

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Interdisciplinary Research

Most of my research is interdisciplinary, but especially community mapping and other community engaged scholarship.

Health Related Research

Modelling environmental quality
Wellness mapping (incl. Wellness Atlas for British Columbia)

Research Keywords

Community Interaction

Community Projects

Tourism planning and thresholds to growth Tourism space

Community mapping

Recreational boating risk assessment

Community Collaborations

Past member of GroundWorks Advisory Committee

Collaborating on numerous community mapping initiatives

International Involvement

International Research

Have conducted research in Thailand and Indonesia.

General International Activities

Have been involved with the International Cartographic Association from 1988 to 2003.

Countries lived/worked in

Germany, Holland, Ireland and New Zealand

Software Development

Digital atlas design; digital community information systems; spatial decision support modules; geo-visualization of tides and currents.