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Welcome to the UVic expertise database, designed to give you access to the wealth of expertise that the University of Victoria has to offer. This database is extensive, but it doesn't include all faculty members or every area of expertise at UVic. If you can't find the information you need in this database, we encourage you to contact us.

Opinions expressed by researchers are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the University of Victoria.

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        Rabillard,   Sheila  
        Rajala,   Richard  
        Rakhmatov,   Daler  
        Ranger,   Louis  
        Ranson,   Heather  
        Raptis,   Helen  
        Raven,   Michael  
        Raworth,   Rebecca  
        Reimchen,   Thomas  
        Restrepo-Gautier,   Pablo  
        Rhodes,   Ryan  
        Richardson,   Catherine  
        Richmond,   Brian  
        Riddington,   Nozomi  
        Riecken,   Ted  
        Ritz,   Adam  
        Rizeanu,   Sorin  
        Roberts,   Jillian  
        Robinson,   Lara  
        Rochtchina,   Ioulia  
        Rodgers,   Julie  
        Rodriguez de France,   Maria  
        Romaniuk,   Paul  
        Ronaldson,   Sharon  
        Rondeau,   Daniel  
        Roney,   J. Michael  
        Rose-Redwood,   CindyAnn  
        Rose-Redwood,   Reuben  
        Rosenberg,   Lisa  
        Ross,   Stephen  
        Rossi,   Elena  
        Roth,   Eric  
        Roth,   Wolff-Michael  
        Rowe,   Gregory  
        Rowe,   Arthur  
        Rowe,   James  
        Rowlatt,   Don  
        Roy,   Real  
        Roy,   Nilanjana  
        Rudnyckyj,   Daromir  
        Runions,   Kevin  
        Runtz,   Marsha  
        Ruskey,   Frank  
        Russek,   Dan  
        Ryan,   Maureen  
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