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BMED lab research team
BMED lab research team

Who is in the BMED lab?

The BMED lab was created in 2004 by Dr. Ryan Rhodes. The lab complement includes administration staff, research project coordinators, and postdoctoral, doctoral, masters, and undergraduate trainees focused on conducting research in the domain of physical activity and population health.

Lab members promote a positive, encouraging, supportive, and collaborative working environment with lab meetings, workshops, and social events that serve to advance knowledge exchange, learning, and experience.

Dr. Ryan Rhodes

Dr. Ryan Rhodes
Room A366, MacLaurin Building
Phone : 250-721-8384

Academic profile

My diverse expertise stems from my BA in Psychology and a MA in Exercise Psychology from the University of British Columbia. I also completed my PhD in Behavioral Medicine at the University of Alberta and began a faculty position at the University of Victoria in June of 2001.

My primary research and teaching area is focused on the psychology of physical activity and sedentary behaviour. I have applied interests in early family development of physical activity and special populations. For a complete profile of my research, please click my specific areas of interestpublicationsabstracts, and presentations. For information about by research funding, please click grants and awards. I have a secondary teaching interest in research methods and design as well as statistics. Please also see the courses section of this website for these topics.

Those interested in graduate studies under my supervision should contact me to discuss their background and research interests. Further information on graduate student supervision is provided in the student info section of this website.

Personal profile

I was born in Victoria in 1973, but spent most of my life in Vancouver, British Columbia. When not working, I like to spend time with my two daughters, Lauren and Rachel, and my golden retriever named Cooper. I enjoy running Victoria's oceanfront, walking my dog, and good cuisine. I am also an avid film buff and gamer.

(Alison Quinlan)

Alison Quinlan MSc.
Lab manager and Research coordinator

My name is Alison Quinlan and I joined the Behavioral Medicine Lab in November 2011. I completed my master's in kinesiology with a focus on sport psychology. My research explored attitudes towards mental training and implementation approaches as perceived by 2012 Canadian Olympic athletes. In the BMed lab I am involved in studies working with new parents and physical activity as well as family-based physical activity.

When I am not hunched over at a computer I enjoy hiking, golfing, tennis and anything where I get to be active and outdoors!

Sandy Courtnall
Research coordinator

My name is Sandy Courtnall and I joined the Behavioral Medicine lab in June of 2014.  Prior to this I spent 10 years as a Research Coordinator at the Institute of Applied Physical Activity & Health, University of Victoria working on various Community Based Research Projects involving the overall well-being and health of BC Youth.  

In the BMed lab I am currently coordinating the First Time Parent Physical Activity Intervention study which explores the different strategies to increase PA in new parents at 2-4 months post-partum.  

When not working in the lab I can be found instructing a variety of fitness/weight training classes for youth, adults & seniors as well as running, hiking, biking & spending time with my family.


Navin Kaushal, MSc
PhD (c) graduate student 

I completed a joint Honors degree in Health Sciences and Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. Looking for a change, I flew to the eastern edge of Canada (St. John's, NL) to complete my MSc in Kinesiology at Memorial University. My master's thesis investigated how various psychological conditions affected participants' perception of exertion when they exercised at the same physiological intensity. While enjoying life on the eastern island, I was curious about experiencing life from a different perspective, so I moved to Vancouver Island to join Dr. Rhodes' team, as a PhD student.

My current research interests include: the dual-process theory, research methodologies and theories on habit formation, and the effect of the physical environment on behaviour. Outside of school I enjoy working out, learning about nutrition, volunteering, and travelling.

Stina profile picture

Stina Grant
Recruitment Officer

I completed my BA in Psychology at UVic in 2015. I am enthusiastic about health and wellness, and therefore I was intrigued by the lab’s research. After some time volunteering with the lab on recruitment efforts, I came on board as the Recruitment Officer in October, 2015. Primarily, my role involves reaching out to families to participate in our wonderful studies aimed at increasing physical activity. My experience being out in the community sharing our current research has been very positive, as people are genuinely interested and amazingly receptive about physical activity.
I have had a lifelong passion for sports. I am an avid runner, having recently fallen in love with half marathons. When possible, I volunteer with local adventure therapy. I enjoy hiking, camping, and generally exploring the beautiful coast.

Clarise Lim
Master's Student

I came onboard and joined the BMed Lab as a Master of Science Kinesiology student under the supervisory wings of Dr. Rhodes in 2012. I graduated from Camosun College with a Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership and I am NSCA-CSCS and CSEP-CPT certified. Since 1998, I have instructed fitness classes and taught a variety of exercise disciplines. In the final year of my undergraduate research, I studied the relationship between strength training and heart rate response with the Canadian Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Team. From thereon, my interest in health-based research flourished. I also had the wonderful opportunity to work in the Canadian Forces as a Fitness and Sports Instructor as part of my internship where I conducted military fitness testing and led various forms of physical fitness training.
My current research focuses on the health and fitness outcomes associated with dog ownership and dog walking, and examining the application of physical activity interventions among sociocultural groups. I am also involved in Dr. Rhodes’ nation-wide research on family physical activity and exergames. In addition to research, writing, and advocating regular physical activity and responsible dog ownership, I enjoy giving back to the community through volunteering and contributing to charitable non-profit causes. Reading extensively and poring over doctrinal and reformed theology are indispensable passions of mine.

Samantha profile picture

Samantha Gray
Master's Student

I joined the Behavioural Medicine Lab in September 2014 to pursue my MSc in Kinesiology. My interest in research developed during my co-operative education experience at Simon Fraser University, where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Physiology. There, I worked as a research assitant in the Injury Prevention & Mobility Laboratory, with a focus on knowledge translation on fall and injury prevention in seniors living in long-term care. Those experiences alongside my personal experience with older adults led me to bring together my two biggest interests: the arts and aging. I am interested in the affective experience of a dance program for older adults at retirement.
Being new to Victoria, I am thrilled to become a part of the local dance community. When not on campus, you'll find me in studio continuing my dance education.

Maeve Hodge
Research assistant

Hello, my name is Maeve Hodge and I am a research assistant in the BMed lab at Uvic. I joined the lab in February 2015 as a work study student and have loved it here so much I decided to spend my summer here too! I am currently working towards my BSc. in Biology and hope to pursue a career in physiotherapy in the coming years. Someday I'd like to specialize in paediatrics and work with kids. My experiences in this lab have given me a broad understanding on the impacts body movement has on health.

I grew up on the prairies where I played ringette and ran cross-country track, but since coming to the island I've tried to do some more West Coast activities. I've dabbled in a little kayaking and have swam every week, but my goal for this summer is to finally try out surfing!

Hannah Flahr
Fitness Tester

Allison Rodway
Fitness Tester

Alison Haynes
Fitness Tester

Justin Wolfe
Fitness tester

Joy Egilson
Fitness tester


  • Emily Medd
    Fitness tester (2014-2016)
  • Christina McLean
    Fitness Tester/research assistant (2014-2016)
  • Megan Webb (2014-2015)
    Recruitment Officer
  • Chet Mistry (2012-2015)
    PhD student
  • Christopher Yao
    Master's student
  • Shabnam Almasi
    Research assistant (2014 - 2015)
  • Olivia Romalis
    Work study student (2014)
  • Andrew Kates
    Research assistant/fitness tester (2013-2014)
  • Erica Crowe
    Fitness tester/research assistant (2013-2014)
  • Molly Hulbert
    Recruitment Officer (2014)
  • Cara Temmel
    Research Assistant (2009-2014)
  • Kristina Kowalski, PhD
    PhD graduate student (2011-2014)
  • Natalia Zapotoczny
    Research Assistant 2013-2014
  • Greg Mulligan, MSc
    Former Laboratory Coordinator 2013
  • Holly Murray, BSc 
    Former Laboratory Coordinator (2004-2013)
  • Katrina Laquian
    Research assistant 2013
  • Janine Sigurdson  
    Research assistant 2012
  • Alisha Witter  
    Research assistant 2012
  • Kathryn Moncks 
    Research assistant 2012
  • Alex Anderson 
    Research assistant 2010
  • Rachel Blacklock, MSc 
    Master's student 2004-2007
  • Megan Buchholz 
    Research assistant 2010-2011
  • Naomi Casiro, BSc 
    Undergraduate Co-op student 2008-2010
  • Kim Choy, BSc
    Research assistant 2010-2011
  • Alexandra Coates
    Research assistant 2010-2012
  • James Coble, MA 
    Master's student 2003-2005
  • Anna-Marie de Zwager, BSc 
    Research assistant & Project coordinator 2009-2010
  • Leanne Dickau, MSc 
    Project coordinator 2009-2011
  • Jelena Dukic, MA 
    Project coordinator 2010-2012
  • Bonnie Fiala, MA 
    Master's Student 2007-2010
  • Amanda Frazer, BSc 
    Research assistant 2009-2010
  • Keri Fuchko, BSc 
    Research assistant 2010
  • Lindsay Grainger-Frost, BSc 
    Research assistant 2010
  • Lizette Greyling, BA 
    Research assistant 2010-2011
  • Krista Hoffert, BSc 
    Undergraduate student (directed study) 2006-2007
  • Rosie Hsu, BSc 
    Research assistant 2010
  • Olivia Hughes, BA 
    Research assistant 2011-2012
  • Marc Jacobson, MSc 
    Project Coordinator 2010-2011
  • Alyssa Jesson, BA
    Research assistant 2010-2011
  • Kelly Kerr 
    Research assistant 2010-2011
  • Megan Kirk, MA 
    Master's student 2008-2010
  • Aviva Kliman, MA 
    Master's student 2003-2006
  • Rachel Mark, MA 
    Master's student 2007-2009 
    Research coordinator 2009-2010
  • Kevin McDowall 
    Research assistant 2010-2011
  • Carolyn McIntyre, MScPT
    Master's student 2004-2006
  • Alyssa OConnor, MA 
    Research assistant 2008-2009
  •  Gabriella Nasuti, MSc 
    Project Coordinator 2008-2010
    Research Coordinator 2010-2012
  • Alyssa OConnor, MA 
    Research assistant 2008-2009
  • Danielle Olmstead, BKin 
    Research Assistant 2011-2012
  • Mika Oshige, MA 
    Website development & maintenance 2009-2011
  • Thalia Parkinson, MSc 
    Project Coordinator 2007-2008
  • Leila Pfaeffli, MSc 
    Project coordinator 2008-2009
    Research Coordinator 2009-2010
  • Rachel Phillips, PhD 
    Research assistant 2010-2011
  • Gregory Rickwood, MA 
    Research assistant 2010
  • Eleanor Rushton, BSc
    Research assistant 2009-2010
  • Felicity Scott-Klimstra, BSc 
    Undergraduate Honours student 2007-2008
  • Nicole Smith, MSc 
    Master's student 2005-2007
  • Evan Thomas, BSc 
    Research assistant 2009-2010
  • Linda Trinh, MA 
    Project coordinator 2005-2008
  • Lori Horne 
    PhD student (2011-2013)
  • Karlie Windatt, BA 
    Research Assistant 2011-2012