Institute for Studies & Innovation in Community-University Engagement

Charlotte Charlie and Maeve Lydon with Skip Dick, Songhees Elder at the First People's House.

Linda Geggie (CRFair) and Ken Josephson (Geography) at the Sharing Food and Knowledge Forum.

David Wolff from the Campus Community Partnership Program (CUPP) came to UVic in May to foster partnership between UVic and the University of Brighton and to present on CUPP's globally recognized work.

Butch Dick, Songhees Elder and creator of new ISICUE logo with Leslie Brown, Previous Director of the Institute.


At the end of March 2016 ISICUEs term as an institute has been completed. Community based research services, supports and partnership opportunities at the University of Victoria are continuing through the Office of Community University Engagement (OCUE). This website is under renovation to become a Community Based Research (CBR) resource portal - stay tuned.

OCUE contact information:

Norah McRae, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Co-operative Education Program and Career Services
Director, Office of Community-University Engagement
University of Victoria
Business and Economics Building, Room 424
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2 Canada
T 250-721-8811 or 250-721-7628 F 250-721-8996
Web: | Portal:

Why Community-University Engagement?

Civic engagement is a thread that runs through the fabric of the institution—all faculties in varying degrees participate and engage with communities, locally and globally.

As an institution, we have made a commitment to civic engagement and to serving communities locally and around the world. Our goal is to establish UVic as a recognized cornerstone of the community, committed to the sustainable social, cultural and economic development of our region and our nation.

A Vision for the Future – Building on Excellence
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