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Dr. ‌ Ana María Peredo, PhD

Centre Director

Ana Maria PeredoDr. Ana María Peredo is the Director of the Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy and Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and International Business at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business.

Phone: 250-472-4435


Ana María's research explores the role of business in fostering sustainable communities, especially among poor and disadvantaged people. Her pioneering work introduced the concept of community-based enterprise to academic business literature, and she is committed to engaging business educators in thinking about management education in relation to problems of poverty. Her areas of interest include:

  • Globalization and sustainable local response
  • Alternative business models, with emphasis on equity, effectiveness, and democracy
  • Indigenous people and development issues
  • Rural poverty and development
  • Entrepreneurship and small business development

Program teaching

Ana María explores with her students a variety of business models rooted in a diversity of social, ecological, and cultural settings. Her aim is to sensitize students to the complex and dynamic relationship between businesses and the societies in which they operate, working with a rich conception of sustainability that incorporates social, environmental, and economic elements. Her inventive thinking led her to form her signature course, "Global Sustainability and Local Communities."

Community involvement

Ana María's active scholarly life has not diminished her involvement in disadvantaged communities. She has done extensive work with the Andean communities as well as other rural BC communities. Her collaboration with the BCIC Institute attracted several grants to promote research into the potential role of enterprise among impoverished Indigenous as well as non-Indigenous peoples. She has been recognized on a global scale for her scholarship and commitment to the cause of poverty studies, entrepreneurship at the community level, and sustainable economic activity.


  • PhD in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management, Entrepreneurship, University of Calgary
  • Master of Arts in Social Science, Social Anthropology, University of Calgary
  • Diploma Gender (one year), Pontificia Universidad, Católica del Perú
  • MA Studies, Anthropology, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences Social Psychology, Universidad Inca Garcilazo de la Vega (Perú)


  • Academy of Management Best Paper on International Business, 2012
  • Western Academy of Management Outstanding Service Award, 2011
  • Nominated by the Faculty of Business for the 2011 University of Victoria Craigdarroch Award for Research Communication
  • Innovation in International Education Award, Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), 2008
  • Finalist for the Aspen Institute Center for Business Education Academic Faculty Pioneer Award, 2008
  • Visiting Fellow in the Global Poverty Research Group, University of Oxford, 2007-2008
  • Ascendant Scholar Award, Western Academy of Management, 2008 (for 2007)
  • John Dobson ACE Fellowship and Research Excellence Award, Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship Faculty of Business, University of Victoria, 2006 (for 2005)

Ana María has also been awarded numerous SSHRC research grants.

Journal publications

Ana María has published an impressive number of articles in leading academic journals, as well as chapters in important research anthologies on community-based enterprises, co-operatives, Indigenous entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship. Ana María is frequently invited to give lectures and presentations in academic and community settings.

Read more about Ana María's publications.

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