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Visiting Research Fellowship (non-stipendiary)

The Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy at the University of Victoria invites applications from scholars in Canada or abroad for a  visiting fellowship appointment of a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 2 academic terms, from September to December 2014 and January to May 2015.

The 2013/2014 fellowship application deadline is October 31, 2013.


The purpose of the fellowship is to provide scholars working on research projects related to co-operative and community-based economics with suitable space on campus and a stimulating environment conducive to writing and reflection.


The centre welcomes applications from all disciplinary backgrounds for projects that promote the scholarly study of subjects related to co-operative and community-based economic arrangements. "Co-operative and community-based economy" is taken to refer to collective undertakings, not necessarily co-operatives:

  • aimed at providing the needs and wants of some community or group, where any profits are a means of supplying those needs and wants,
  • managed autonomously and by democratic processes, and
  • in which persons and their participation are given priority over capital in the distribution of any surplus.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • conditions, including policies, that give rise to or inhibit co-operative and community-based economic activity;
  • the relations between co-operative and community-based economic organizations and other forms of enterprise;
  • examinations of sectoral organizations (health, housing, agriculture etc.);
  • issues of representation and participation in co-operative and community-based economic arrangements;
  • the history, sociology and/or anthropology of co-operative and community-based economic models; and
  • co-operative and community-based arrangements as an instrument for sustainable community development, including Indigenous settings.


Canadian and international scholars, retired scholars, new scholars, scholars on sabbatical leave from their regular academic appointments will all be considered.


The fellowship provides private office space located in a pleasant environment on the edge of the scenic University of Victoria campus; university privileges; enhanced opportunities for research networking and exchange; participation in the centre's wide range of scholarly and social activities.


Fellows are expected to:

  • conduct their work in their CCCBE office a minimum of 4 weeks;
  • participate actively in the programs and activities of the centre;
  • acknowledge the CCCBE in all publications arising from the fellowship and deposit one copy of such publications for the centre's library and/or website;
  • submit a report of the main research findings undertaken during the tenure of the fellowship.

Application procedure

Applications should include:

  1. a covering letter which includes the period of time that is requested for the fellowship;
  2. a descriptive title of the research area;
  3. a detailed statement of the research proposal in a form that makes the applicant's intentions fully understandable to experts in his or her own discipline (maximum of five pages);
  4. a current curriculum vitae; and
  5. letters of reference from three scholars who might support the proposed project. The centre may also choose to solicit the opinions of other referees.

Application forms should be submitted in electronic form to Dr. Ana Maria Peredo, Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy, University of Victoria. Email applications to

Selection will be made by the CCCBE Program Committee based on the academic merit of the proposal, the views of the referees, and the recent scholarly activity of the candidate. Proposals submitted outside of the regular application deadline schedule may also be considered at the discretion of the director.

Current, past, and future fellows

Download our Visiting Research Fellowship.

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