BC alcohol and other drug (AOD) monitoring project

The BC alcohol and other drug (AOD) monitoring project consists of 10 different research components each collecting and analysing data from different sources. Together they form a picture of risky substance use and associated harms in British Columbia. Data on rates of hospital admissions and deaths from alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs are collected and reported for BC’s 89 local health areas, 16 health service delivery areas and 5 regional health authorities. Data on per capita sales of alcohol are similarly reported across the province. More than 4,500 interviews have been completed since 2008 on high-risk populations of substance users in Victoria and Vancouver to monitor patterns of use, related harms and use of harm reduction services. Numerous journal articles, in-house statistical bulletins and reports have been prepared and disseminated. Datasets have been made available to faculty and graduate students at UVic as well as other post-secondary institutions.

Research components

Trends related to some of these components can be explored using our interactive AOD trend analyzer tool and key findings are presented in the facts & stats section of this site.

Upon request, information from the various research components can be put together and organized to create regional profiles that will assist policy-makers within the regions to identify and address unique issues facing their communities.

Funding bodies in 2014/15: BC Provincial Health Services Authority and the BC Ministry of Health.