Centre for Addictions Research of BC

PhD student Marion Selfridge lectures on street-involved youth and digital technology

Street-involved youth and digital technology

Find out more about our upcoming talks on substance use, harm reduction, and other areas of our research

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A photo of Beasley Park in Hamilton, Ontario

Managed Alcohol Programs study

CARBC leads national study of this harm-reduction approach

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a photo of various CARBC publications

CARBC publications

Research bulletins, self-help resources, classroom tools, articles and more

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Generating and mobilizing knowledge

The Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) is a network of individuals and groups dedicated to the study of substance use and addiction in support of community-wide efforts to promote health and reduce harm. Our research is used to inform a broad range of projects, reports, publications and initiatives aimed at providing all people in BC and beyond with access to happier, healthier lives, whether using substances or not. READ MORE ABOUT CARBC

Recent engagement

Low-risk drinking on campus

low risk drinking on campus

A new CARBC resource for promoting a comprehensive approach to psychoactive substance use on campus. READ MORE

Talk to kids about drugs

a mother and child

CARBC's Dan Reist is interviewed about how to talk to kids about drugs in light of recent fentanyl overdoses. READ MORE

Alcohol Reality Check

alcohol reality check

A simple, non-judgemental quiz that helps you check in with your drinking. READ MORE

Matters of Substance blog 

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