International Youth Internship Program

Engagement, Experience & Employability

The 2016/2017 3E Interns gather at UVic for the first part of their orientation
The 2016/2017 3E Interns meet at the UVic to begin their orientation.

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As part of Global Affairs Canada's International Youth Internship Program (IYIP), the Engagement, Experience, and Employability (3E) Program was developed by the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI) at the University of Victoria, in collaboration with Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) a regional migrants’ rights network organization. 

The 3E program will provide the opportunity for 20 young Canadian university graduates to gain valuable hands-on experience opportunities working alongside innovative and dynamic civil society leaders who are improving the livelihoods of migrant communities across Asia.

The 3E program shares Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy and IYIP’s ultimate objective of increasing the employability of Canadian youth (women and men) in the Canadian labour market, including in the field of international development.

The Program aims to:

  • Provide eligible Canadian youth with international experience, skills and knowledge that will prepare them for future employment;
  • Increase employment opportunities by promoting awareness among Canadian organizations of the advantages of integrating young Canadian professionals into their structures and programs; and
  • Provide opportunities for Canadian youth to promote Canada’s international development efforts both in Canada and abroad.

The 3E program interns will work with CAPI and the MFA network in Bangladesh, the Philippines and Nepal. Depending on the partner organization and particular placement, interns will support the following governance, development and human rights related initiatives:

  • Participate in consultations with parliamentarians, UN, civil society, governments, and community members;
  • Monitor the implementation of International Conventions related to labour migration;
  • Mainstream migrants and migration in the Post-2015 Development Agenda;
  • Design national, regional, and international policies and policy recommendations to advance democracy, protect human rights, and mainstream gender equality;
  • Create and maintain online databases on migrants rights abuses;
  • Attend and document regional and international conferences, meetings, and workshops focused on migrants rights, civil society capacity building, gender equality (GE), etc.; and,
  • Establish education and skills-building projects targeting women and youth to develop literacy, financial literacy, employment skills, and remittance management, allowing migrants to maximize opportunities and protect themselves during the migration process.

Internship opportunities

Placements are 6.5 months in length and will include the following: pre-departure and orientation in Victoria B.C. (1 week), orientation and training in Manila (1 week), 5.5 - 6 month placements with partner organizations in the Philippines, Nepal or Bangladesh, and upon completion of the in-country placements, job preparedness sessions, debrief and reintegration sessions in Manila (1 week) with the group, MFA regional secretariat and CAPI. Interns will also need to commit time before and after the overseas placements to complete paper work and preparation for placements, as well as reporting and public engagement activities in Canada upon return.

Along with our deeply committed, innovative partner organizations, we are excited and well-prepared to actively support young Canadians in learning about themselves, the complexities of global issues, governance and development, and about how to make meaningful contributions to better our global society. Our interns will leave these placements having significantly improved their employability, their ability to be innovative and engage in the world as global citizens.