Dr. Kelli Stajduhar


Dr. Kelli Stajduhar is a Professor in the School of Nursing and one of the eminent research affiliate with the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health. She has contributed to the society and to the state of knowledge through her many roles as a practicing nurse, researcher, and educator over the 30 years of her career while working in oncology, palliative care, and gerontology. Among many facets of living a qualitative life, end-of-life care is a very important though “uncomfortable” facet. Dr. Stajduhar understands its importance and has dedicated most of her clinical work and research on health service needs for those at the end-of-life and their families on the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations.  

Dr. Stajduhar has been leading the Initiative for a Palliative Approach in Nursing: Evidence & Leadership (IPANEL) since 2010. The project funded by Michael Smith Foundation collaborates nursing researchers, practitioners and administrators with a goal of advancing the further integration of a palliative approach in the healthcare system. The team is committed to enhancing the care of those with chronic life-limiting conditions, a passion for providing quality end-of-care, and an absolute belief in nurse’s capacity to effect change in positive ways.

Dr. Stajduhar is going to talk about very bold yet often feared topic of discussing death in 2017 Spring Colloquium series on April 25, 2017. In her talk, “Let’s Talk About Dying… And Why It’s Crucial To Your Quality Of Life” Kelli will discuss why talking about dying is critical for one’s quality of life, considering that fact that it might be challenging for many people. Medical technology no matter how evolved it becomes can only add so many numbers to the lifespan, eventually the state of vulnerable frailty would catch up. Research suggests that integrating palliative approaches into the care of people with chronic life-limiting conditions not only improve the quality of life but also actually results in people living longer. Please to register to join Dr. Stajduhar for the Colloquium at the UVic, Medical Science Building where she will discuss this crucial topic using 20 of year’s research data in palliative care.