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R Hut
We are located in R Hut, on the University of Victoria campus.


Mailing address

Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC  V8P 2Y2

Courier or in-person

Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health
University of Victoria
R Hut, room 103
Victoria BC  V8P 5C2

General inquiries

Phone: 250-721-6369
Fax: 250-472-6499

Ladner office


4907 Chisholm Street
Delta, BC  V4K 2K6


Toll free: 1-866-902-3767
Fax: 604-940-2099
General Inquiries: 604-940-1273

Directory listing

Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health

Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health
University of Victoria
Hut R 103
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health
Institute on Aging University of Victoria
HUT R, Reception (Room 103)
on McKenzie Ave (between McGill & Finnerty)
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health
Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Institute on Aging reception 250-721-6369 Hut R 103
FAX 250-721-6499
Director Scott Hofer 250-721-6350 Hut R 107
Manager Lois Holizki 250-721-6524 HTR 103b
Scientific Coordinator Vincenza Gruppuso 250-472-5697 Hut R 102
Administrator Leah Potter 250-721-6575 HTR 103
Administrator Arlene Senft 250-721-6290 HTR 103
Administrator Nina Perisic 250-721-6369 HTR 103
Administrator Cara Pearson 250-472-5460 HTR 103
Harjot Grewal 250-472-4473 HTR 103
Chronic Disease Self-Management Prog Patrick McGowan 604-940-3574 PCH 168
Office Manager, Ladner Louise Rolland 604-940-8945 Delta BC
Office Assistant, Ladner Rita Reeve 604-940-9796 Delta BC
Coordinator, CDSMP Mark Davies 604-940-3580 Delta BC
Coordinator, CDSMP Karen Hannah 604-940-3568 Delta BC
Coordinator, CDSMP Rhonda Carriere 604-940-6090 Delta BC
Coordinator, CDSMP Punjabi Jay Bains 604-940-6354 Delta BC
Research Associate, Ladner Sherry Lynch 604-940-3572 Delta BC
CDSMP Toll Free Number 866-902-3767
Project Assistant Suzanne Harmandian 604-940-1273 Delta BC
CDSMP FAX (Ladner) 604-940-2099
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Jay Bains
Lana Barry
Ami Bitschy 250-721-6674 (local: 6674)
Christine Bramwell 604-940-1273
Helen Burger
Rhonda Carriere 604-940-6380
Lindsay Cassie
Neena Chappell 250-472-4465 (local: 4465)
June Clearsky
Denise Cloutier 250-853-3286 (local: 3286)
Mark Davies 604-940-3580
Doris Davis
Nancy Davis
Carren Dujela 250-472-4464 (local: 4464)
Julieta Gerbrandt 604-940-9424
Vincenza Gruppuso 250-472-5697 (local: 5697)
Karen Hannah 604-940-3568
Suzanne Harmandian
Lisa Herriot
Scott Hofer 250-853-3862 (local: 3862)
Lois Holizki 250-721-6524 (local: 6524)
Courtney Kang
Monica Kelly
Sofia Khouw
Andrey Koval
Charles Labun
Sherry Lynch
Frank MacDonald
Ginette McLennan
JoAnn Miller
Ashley Mollison 250-472-5501 (local: 5501)
John Murphy
Kim Nuernberger 472-446-9
Linda Outcalt
Leah Potter 250-721-6575 (local: 6575)
(Maria) Rita Reeve
Louise Rolland
Arlene Senft 250-721-6290 (local: 6290)
Valerie Soto
Kelli Stajduhar 250-721-7487 (local: 7487)
Stacey Voll 250-721-6368 (local: 6368)