The Edge of vital impact

Student working on a 3D printed hand

A team of UVic researchers and students, led by mechanical engineer Nikolai Dechev (not pictured), are designing and distributing low-cost, high-functioning, upper limb 3D-printed prostheses to people in developing countries.

ONC technology underwater

When earthquakes happen, seconds count. Which is why new software and subsea senor technology developed by UVic's Ocean Networks Canada will give disaster responders, utilities and coastal communities more time to save lives and mitigate damage from tectonic shifts and tsunamis.

Frog x-ray

Biochemist Caren Helbing uses molecular tools to assess how environmental contaminants affect animals such as frogs, fish and seals. Her work is essential for identifying dangerous chemicals in the environment and designing better drugs for treating diseases such as cancer.

ATLAS researcher

To see the tiniest things in the universe you have to think big, very big. UVic physicists are partners in the world's biggest science experiment, and helped to design and build the ATLAS detector in the massive Large Hadron Collider near Geneva.

CanAssist researcher with Morgan

Morgan is one of thousands of people with disabilities whose lives have been enhanced by the ingenuity of UVic's CanAssist program. Working with community partners, CanAssist researchers—including hundreds of students—develop customized technologies and programs for people across the disability spectrum.

Pauly talking to someone on the street

"Everyone deserves a home and as a community we all have a role to play in making that happen," says Bernie Pauly, a registered nurse and researcher with UVic's Centre for Addictions Research of BC. Pauly works closely with community agencies to improve the lives of people affected by homelessness, poverty and substance use.

Essential, life sustaining—that's the kind of vital impact that defines us. Research at UVic extends from our commitment to the urgent issues that matter to people, places and the planet.

Sustainability, healthy societies, social justice, jobs and a strong economy are at the core of our commitment to meaningful change.

From inner cities to undersea frontiers, we're a hub of research collaborations and transformational technological advances.

Vital impact is life-changing for peopletransforming disabilities, conquering diseases, supporting the development of strong evidence-based public policies.

And it’s vital to life, from probing atomic particles to molecular tracking of environmental contaminants; improving the lives of people affected by homelessness, poverty and substance use; and mapping critical eco-resources.

The University of Victoria is consistently ranked in the top tier of Canada’s research-intensive universities. Learn more about research at UVic.

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Who are our researchers? What do they study? And how is their work relevant to our lives?

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UVic is home to various research centres and affiliated organizations that promote partnerships and knowledge exchange across disciplines.

In this video, Dr. Dean Karlen discusses the research taking place at the Victoria Subatomic Particle and Accelerator (VISPA) Research Centre. VISPA members work together on leading international particle physics experiments, share computing and laboratory resources, jointly support and manage technical staff, provide a natural home for adjunct faculty from other institutions, and support high-­quality graduate and post-­doctoral training.

Meet the directors of other UVic research centres.

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Each story profiles a researcher’s work with a focus on how he or she is making a difference to our lives and the world around us.