Student Mental Health

Taking Control of Anxiety

Facilitated by Russel Kennedy, MD, The Art and Science of Treating Anxiety workshop was held to help students better understand and cope with anxiety. 

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UVic's 3rd Annual Mental Health Awareness Event

Over 500 students, faculty, staff and community members attended UVic’s 3rd annual Mental Health Awareness Event on January 18th with keynote speaker Kevin Breel. Learn more about the mental health initiatives happening on campus and watch a student story-weave performance.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

The week of January 16th-20th, 2017 was UVic's first annual Mental Health Awareness Week. Throughout the week, a number of campus groups hosted free events centered around raising awareness about mental health and wellness and reducing stigma on campus

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Shelagh Rogers recognized for mental health advocacy

UVic Chancellor Shelagh Rogers was honoured as the recipient of the Margaret Trudeau Mental Health Advocacy Award. The award recognizes individuals whose leadership efforts have been notably effective in advocating for a fruitful and ongoing dialogue about mental health issues, and for advancing the needs of people with mental illness to the forefront of national concerns.

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Student Mental Health Blog

Check out the new Student Mental Health Blog and connect with this supportive online community dedicated to promoting positive student mental health and reducing stigma.

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Student Life Activity Grant

Find out about the Student life activity grant and how students can apply for funding to organize activities, events, and programs in support of student mental health on campus.

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The University of Victoria offers numerous resources, supports and opportunities to promote student mental health. Our goal is to support positive student mental health and well-being in order to enhance all students' potential for success. 

See students, faculty and staff talk about the importance of mental health at UVic.

UVic Student Mental Health Story Weave 2017

A group of students from the University of Victoria courageously share their stories on how mental health has touched their lives.

Learn more about different areas of student mental health

Contact Student Services at  for more information on the UVic Mental Health Strategy or inquire about student mental health services.