Research faculty

Medical genetics, genetic disorders and conditions specific to Indigenous populations, Long QT Syndrome, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) and birth defects
Office: Medical Sciences Building, room 104
Synaptic plasticity, stroke, diabetes, in vivo imaging
Hippocampus, learning and memory, developmental disorders, aging, sex differences, electrophysiology
Psychiatric epidemiology, perinatal and post-partum mental health
Adoptive T Cell Therapy of Breast Cancer
Synapse ultrastructure, myogenesis & muscle cell fusion, live-cell imaging & electron microscopy
Informatics research, particularly Electronic Medical Records, Consumer Informatics and Personal Health Records, Continuity of Care Research and Improved Medication Use through Clinical Decision Support
Neurogenesis and the bioelectric control of new neurons in healthy and injured/diseased brain. Evaluation of specific ion channels as therapeutic targets for brain repair
Tissue engineered scaffolds for promoting stem cell differentiation, novel drug delivery systems, and analysis of stem cell differentiation using next generation sequencing
Neural control of rhythmic human movement; coordination of the arms and legs during locomotion; neuromuscular plasticity and motor recovery after stroke