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“It will be very hard for future scholars even in five years, ten years to understand political and social and cultural moments or phenomena retrospectively without key aspects of the web.” Kirsten Foot, University of Washington.

The University of Victoria Libraries web archiving service from the Internet Archive helps the Libraries to harvest, build, and preserve collections of digital content relevant to our community.

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Anarchist Archives

Archived since: May, 2014

Description: Websites collected to support the Anarchist Archives, founded in 2005 by Dr. Allan Antliff, with a special mandate to collect and preserve anarchist-related materials, including posters, photographs, art work, videos, audio recordings, journals, pamphlets and zines, books, oral histories, correspondence (written and digital), organizational records, and other items.

Subject:   Anarchists

B.C. Teachers' Labour Dispute (2014)

Archived since: Sep, 2014

Description: Public teachers in British Columbia began rotating strikes in May 2014, which also included a partial lockout by the provincial government. In June 2014, a full-scale walkout occurred, which lasted until September 2014, when the two sides reached an agreement.

Subject:   Spontaneous EventsCollective bargaining--Teachers--British ColumbiaStrikes and lockouts--Teachers--British Columbia

Environmental Organizations and Resources of British Columbia

Archived since: Mar, 2014

Description: A collection of websites from various environmentally-themed organizations in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, and in British Columbia.

Subject:   Nature conservation--British Columbia.

The Trans* Web

Archived since: Apr, 2014

Description: The University of Victoria is home to the largest Transgender Archives in the world, founded by Dr. Aaron Devor and containing materials representing 17 countries and a century of activism and research. This collection of websites is meant to supplement the Transgender Archive and to provide a mechanism to capture at-risk trans*-themed websites.

University of Victoria 50th Anniversary (1963-2013)

Archived since: Jan, 2014

Description: This collection gathers corporate, media, and social media sites related to 50th anniversary celebrations at the University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., in 2013.

Subject:   Universities & LibrariesUniversity of Victoria (B.C.)

University of Victoria Calendar

Archived since: Feb, 2014

Description: The Calendar is the official guide to all programs, services and regulations of the University.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries

University of Victoria Digital Projects Websites

Archived since: Feb, 2014

Description: A collection of websites representing digital scholarship projects undertaken at the University of Victoria

Subject:   Arts & HumanitiesSociety & CultureUniversities & LibrariesLibraries -- Special collections -- Electronic information resources.

University of Victoria Faculty Association Certification (2014)

Archived since: Feb, 2014

Description: Websites related to the certification of the faculty association as a labour union at the University of Victoria.

Subject:   Politics & ElectionsUniversities & Libraries

University of Victoria Research Centres, Groups, and Corporate Entities

Archived since: Apr, 2014

Description: Research centres are organizations made up of a group of faculty members who collaborate on an area of research. Their work provides added value over and above their individual research programs. UVic encourages the establishment of research centres that will enhance and facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaboration, knowledge transfer and training.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries

British Columbia Local Governments

Archived since: Apr, 2014

Description: Local governments in British Columbia include municipalities (i.e. villages, towns, districts and cities), regional districts (including municipal and non-municipal electoral areas), improvement districts, and the Islands Trust, as established by the Local Government Act of B.C. This collection initially included the forty-six  web sites of the local government entities of Vancouver Island; in 2016 fourteen mainland B.C. websites were added. There are another one-hundred twenty five municipalities on mainland B.C.; web archives for these have been created by the libraries at UBC and SFU. First Nations governments established by treaty, federal legislation, or self-government agreement will be archived in a future collection.  

Subjects:   Government - CitiesGovernment Information -- British Columbia -- Vancouver IslandBritish Columbia -- Politics and Government--21st centuryVancouver Island (B.C.) --Politics and GovernmentLocal government -- British Columbia Vancouver Island, Local government -- British Columbia

Vancouver Island Local News

Archived since: Jun, 2014

Description: A collection of local newspapers and news sites, especially from smaller publishers, at-risk publishers, and sites where content is not indexed by a specialized news database such as Canadian Newsstand.

Subject:   Victoria (B.C.)--Newspapers.British Columbia--Newspapers.

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