Events & workshops

The Learning & Teaching Centre (LTC) coordinates and presents many events for faculty, teaching assistants, and graduate students.  The Centre for Academic Communication (CAC) provide a number of different workshops and drop-in events for undergraduate students.

Come join us for great workshops in a collegial, supportive atmosphere.

  • Teaching Tips series, facilitated by 3M award-winner, Dr. Marty Wall, covering topics like teaching large classes, designing a syllabus and creating a multiple-choice exam.
  • Faculty Institute of Teaching (FIT), formerly known as the Intensive Summer Teaching Institute (ISTI), a week-long refresher course held each August.
  • Let's Talk About Teaching, a two-day session to kick-start your fall teaching.
  • Other events, which you can find in our event schedule above.

We have workshops and events to help you succeed as a TA:

While you are completing your graduate degree, be sure to take advantage of our programming to help you professionally develop:

  • Workshops offered for TAs are for everyone, and can enhance your teaching skills.
  • If English is not your first language, join our ILEAP (Intensive Lab in English for Academic Purposes) two-day workshops, offered three times a year and the Internationtal Teaching Assistant language program, offered over two days in August, designed to help you feel more comfortable leading tutorials in English.
  • The Teaching Tips series is open to graduate students. Facilitated by 3M Award winner, Dr. Marty Wall, they cover topics like teaching large classes, creating a multiple-choice exam and developing a syllabus.
  • We offer many faculty-geared workshops that are also open to graduate students. See our event calendar for more information.

We're here to support your academic success. Come see us to find out who we can help you get more out of your studies.