Sexualized violence policy review

The UVic campus


The University of Victoria is developing a new policy (currently in draft form) on preventing and responding to sexualized violence in its commitment to provide students, faculty and staff with a safe, supportive and respectful environment to live, work and learn.

While UVic has policies, programs and resources that include education and prevention, support for survivors and those who have experienced sexualized violence, and investigation of sexualized violence, it does not have a single encompassing policy.

This initiative will strengthen UVic's current approach through a review of the university's own policies and procedures, widespread consultation and by considering best practices and policies at other institutions.

Message from the president

The University of Victoria is committed to the principles of equal rights and dignity of all persons. I want to make it clear that sexualized violence is unacceptable. I am therefore launching a comprehensive review of our policies and programs related to sexual violence, with the purpose of developing a policy and programs that address this matter more specifically, directly and effectively. I am inviting broad engagement in this process to reaffirm the values we share as a community.

Jamie Cassels
President, University of Victoria