Declare your major

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Not only is declaring your major a quick and straightforward thing to do, it's also a smart thing to do! Declaring helps you plan your program more effectively, find your place, build your education, and stay connected with your community here in the Humanities. Your department will be able to see how you may qualify for scholarships or other opportunities that are specifically for majors, and you'll have greater access to news and info about field schools, exchanges, and other study-abroad or co-op experiences. By declaring your major any time after you've completed 12 units, you'll feel a much greater sense of ownership over your education path.

Take the plunge! Declare your major, and find your community in the Humanities

Declaring your major is easy, and you can even do it from your computer at home or in the library, or even from your smartphone! Here is a step-by-step guide to declaring your program, after completing at least 12 units:

1. Go to your MyPage

2. Click on the “Grades and Records” Tab

3. Click on “Request for Record of Degree Program (RDP)

You can also visit the Advising Centre, and get help and guidance from one of the advisors there.