Academic advice

General academic advice

We are here to help you plan your degree at the University of Victoria.

The Academic Advising Centre for the Faculties of Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences helps you to select courses and plan your program. Their advisers also offer advice on transfer credit and graduation requirements.

Planning your first-year Program in Humanities

The Advising centre has prepared first-year planning guides for each program in Humanities.

Advice for students with disabilities

We welcome students with disabilities to our community. For information on academic accommodation, please contact the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability. Their trained staff will help you to plan for success in your degree.

Review of an assigned grade

If you believe that there has been a mistake or unfairness in the assignment of your grade, please see the Faculty of Humanities Procedures for Review of an Assigned Grade: Undergraduate and Graduate Students for advice on what to do next.

Specific advice about departments or courses

If you need specific advice about departmental courses or programs, every department has an undergraduate adviser who holds office hours throughout the year, including during summer months. These departmental advisers are happy to respond to phone calls or emails—or to meet with you in person.

Unit Advisor Email


Director of Academic Writing

Honours Program Adviser

Literature Program Adviser
Acting Professional Communication Adviser
French Undergraduate Adviser
Gender Studies Undergraduate Adviser 
Germanic and Slavic Studies Honours Program Adviser
Undergraduate Adviser (German) 
Undergraduate Adviser (Slavic) 
Greek and Roman Studies Undergraduate Adviser 
Hispanic and Italian Studies Undergraduate Adviser 
History Honours Program Adviser
Undergraduate Adviser 1st and 2nd Year 
Undergraduate Adviser 3rd and 4th Year 
Latin American Studies Undergraduate Adviser 
Linguistics Undergraduate Adviser 
Applied Linguistics Adviser
Academic Adviser, Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization 
Medieval Studies Undergraduate Adviser 
Pacific and Asian Studies Undergraduate Adviser 
Philosophy Undergraduate Adviser 
Religious Studies Undergraduate Adviser