Winter 2017-18 timetable

Summer 2017 timetable

August Term

HSTR 300 Summer 2017 Poster

Courses are divided into seven sections:

  1. Introductory
  2. American
  3. British
  4. Canadian
  5. European
  6. Asian
  7. World/Comparative

Course re-numbering: Effective May 2014, the HIST prefix became HSTR, and most courses were re-numbered. Students cannot receive credit for the same course twice; for example, if you already have credit for HIST 105, you cannot get credit for HSTR 112, HIST 105A is the same as HSTR 112A, and HIST 105B is the same as HSTR 112B. Please double-check the new numbers for courses already taken on the course equivalency table for 100 and 200 level courses.

New program requirements apply only to students starting in Fall 2014: for full details see Undergraduate programs.

Please note:
  • Courses numbered 100 and 200 are the same level and both are appropriate for first year students.
  • Courses numbered with A and B can be taken separately. For example HSTR 240A is not required in order to take HSTR 240B.

Letter of permission for variable topics courses

Program planning worksheet

Experiential Education Opportunities in History

For a list of all History courses check out the online calendar.

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