Application information

Applications for the 2018 intake into the MSWA program will be updated on this webpage by October 15th 2017. Applications will have a December 1st 2017 deadline for submission.

The next offering of the program is set for the September 2018 semester.

Details about the application process will be available on this website on October 1, 2017; the deadline for applications and all required documents will be December 1, 2017. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

The MSWA begins with a one week on-campus late summer institute. The remainder of the program is delivered through distance education. For more information, please see the MSW Advanced program.

Admissions Information

Application process

The online application and required documents are submitted electronically through Graduate Admissions and Records. Please be prepared to upload all required documentation at the time of applying. All application materials are due by December 1. Late applications will not be considered. Direct any questions about the online application process to Graduate Admissions and Records:

The following Required Documents must be submitted for your application to be considered complete:

  1. Personal Statement
    Further details about what is expected in this personal statement will be posted on this website by October 1, 2017. 
  2. CV (Resume)
    Note: Specify time spent - paid or volunteer, part-time or full-time (total weeks/months/years at each place of work as applicable)
  3. Supplementary Information Form The School of Social Work allows applicants to provide additional information about their application via a Supplementary Information Form. This form assists the school in tracking applications for each program and student plans for full or part time completion.
  4. References: References are submitted electronically by referees and can include two academic references or one academic reference and one employer reference. Applicants must provide the names and contact information for their referees via their online application.  Referees will be contacted automatically once all required documentation has been submitted. The online reference page has a section for referees to copy and paste a reference letter or additional comments. Referees have 2 weeks after the December 1st application deadline to submit their online reference form through the application system. References submitted past that date will not be accepted.
  5. Post-secondary transcripts can be submitted as unofficial PDF files at the time of application

Applications are due December 1st. Any late documentation submitted online past the deadline date (with the exception of references) will not be considered as part of your application to the program. APPLICATIONS MISSING REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

    • MSW Additional Consideration (Optional):

The School of Social Work acknowledges that institutional processes and cultural differences may present barriers to traditionally marginalized groups in gaining equitable access to educational programs. The Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) Standards for Accreditation require that schools reflect the populations served by social work. In order to reflect our School’s commitment to equity and social justice, we have included an additional consideration component in the application process.

Applicants who are members of traditionally marginalized groups are eligible to receive an additional 5% added to their total application score. Applicants are invited to self-identify on the MSW Additional Consideration Form.

If you wish to submit an MSW Additional Consideration form, please scan and email the completed form to our Graduate Secretary, Jaime Ready

If you have questions about the Additional Consideration form, please contact our Graduate Advisor, Patricia MacKenzie


Notification of acceptance

Applicants for the MSW Advanced program will be notified of admission decisions by the end of March/ beginning of April following the application deadline. The notification will be reflected on applicant's MyPage application and will be emailed to the address on the application. Please await confirmation until this time.

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Contact information

Graduate Admissions and Records
Front Counter:
Clerk responsible for Social Work:

Inquiries regarding the MSW program:

Jaime Ready, Graduate Secretary
Phone: 250-472-5622

Advice on obtaining required references

All applicants must provide 2 references as part of their application package, one of which must be an academic (post-secondary) reference from an instructor who has taught them in a graded course. The 2nd reference can be either an academic reference or an employment reference (this could be a practicum agency supervisor or liaison). We encourage applicants to contact prospective referees well in advance of the application deadline to ensure the timely completion and submission of references.

If students have been out of post-secondary education for a while, we recommend that they contact the institution/department where they completed their previous post-secondary degree to determine which of their former instructors is still at that institution.  Contact that person directly to ask if they will provide a reference by the deadline date. If a former instructor has moved to another university, ask for their contact information and contact them there. It is often useful to remind instructor referees which courses(s) students took with them, when, what their marks were, and any other particulars students think will jog referees memory. As a final option if no former instructor is available, students can ask the school from which they graduated if the director or dean can provide a general reference based on their academic file.

A final word of advice – it is always best to find out first if a prospective referee is prepared to give a positive reference.
Because all references are submitted electronically on a standard form, employers sometimes find the form does not cover their experience with an applicant. If this is the case, it can be useful to have an employer attach a separate letter to their electronic reference detailing how they know the student and their assessment of your suitability for graduate education. Instructions on how to submit a letter in addition to the required form are provided on the reference form that the referee receives. An employer reference can come from someone who has supervised your paid work, or your volunteer work if no paid work reference is available.  Please keep in mind that referees must have been in a supervisory position to you – references from colleagues are not accepted.
Reminder: all references must be submitted electronically through the Graduate Admissions and Records Office (GARO) electronic submission system. If one of your referees is having difficulty submitting a reference, please ask that person to contact GARO directly: 250-472-4657 or