Culminating Conference, 2016

In 2016 MPH students presented their practicum experience during a two day culminating conference. The conference opened each day with a guest speaker and followed with each student discussing their practicum experience. The student practicum experiences are available as a video listed in alphabetical order by student.

Ahmad, Huma | MPH | Sexually Transmitted Infection Partner Notification Methods

Aitken, Fiona | BA | Developing a Quick Facts Health Guide for VIDEA Interns

Bersenev, Stan | MPH | Local Risk Factor Surveillance System

Bretschneider, Heather | BA | From Charity to Solidarity: Edible Garden Project

Bruce, Danielle | BA | Appealing to Your Donor: Lessons in Grant Writing

Coupar, Melissa | MPH | Sexual Health Services for Older Adults

Cushing, Jackie | MPH | Healthy Food Systems

De Man, Brianne | MPH | Youth Engagement – Best Practices

Des Mazes, Anastasia | MPH | Services Canada’s Western Territories Mental Health Initiative

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Dodoo, Afua | MPH | Early Childhood Developmental Vulnerabilities in Guildford West

Ghafari, Cher | MPH | Island Health's Community Overdose Reporting Tool

Guan, Branda | MPH | Reference Databases and Public Health

Hughes, Jenna | BA | Actively Engaging the Public on International Development Education at VIDEA

Jivanjee, Shaheen | MPH | Adolescent Pregnancy in Algoma District

Leung, Madeleine | MPH | The Role of Public Health in Cannabis Legislation

MacWilliam, Darby | BA | Increasing Diversity Among Easter Seal Campers

McGuire, Carmina | MPH | Connectedness and Mental Health of Children and Youth

McLean, Christina | BA | Coastal Radon Testing with the Canadian Cancer Society

McLean, Alison | MPH | Perinatal Care in the Comox Valley

McMullen, Bethany | MPH | Stepped Care Approach to Post-Partum Depression Treatment

Miller, Zach | MPH | Aboriginal Parental Capacity Assessment Tool

Muttersbach, Paige | MPH | Lung Cancer Screening

<bNasrin, Shamima | MPH | Integrating Chronic Disease Model with Public Health

Neumeyer, Inge | MPH | Expanding Seniors’ Supported Housing

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Ouimet, Gabrielle | MPH | Group-Focused Education for Diabetes

Parkes, Kaylynne | MPH | Parenting Programming in Hay River, NWT

Pitcher, James | BA | Engaging New Donors: Competition, Contact, and Relationship Building

Ranger, Katelyn | MPH | Spiritual Health in Healthcare Settings

Rogers Nannarone, Molly | MPH | At-Risk Youth Employment Barriers

Sanghera, Amneet | BA | Programming for Immigrant and Refugee Youth: Addressing Diversity Challenges

Sian, Ariana | BA | Communication on Pain Management in Older Adults with Dementia

Smith, Kerry | MPH | Transit Station Precinct Redesign - Communication Framework

Sorensen, Shelly | BA | Oral Home Care in the Ts’ewulhtun Health Centre’s Home Support Program

Spence, Nicole | Graduate Diploma | Challenges of Conducting a Process Evaluation in a Complex Organization

St. Pierre, Julia | BA | Building Community in the North Burnaby Neighbourhood House

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Suarez-Mason, Kat | BA | Seed Libraries: The Heart of Food

Thomas, Becky | MPH | Evaluation Plan for BC Opioid Overdose Response Strategy

Volz, Emilia | MPH | Lessons from Harm Reduction

Willson, Melanie | MPH | Healthy Community Group Action Guide