Master of Nursing and Master of Science in Health Informatics: Double Degree

Graduate from Canada’s only nursing informatics degree program. This unique online/distributed program trains nurses to move into nursing and health informatics roles.

Nursing informatics is a specialty that integrates nursing science and health information science to identify, define, manage and communicate information and knowledge that supports nursing practice. You’ll graduate with two degrees: a Master of Nursing and a Master of Science in Health Informatics. The program schedule permits students to complete required coursework in two years and requires additional time for conducting the research for a thesis.


Graduates of this program are prepared for careers in practice, education, research, administration and consultation. They can work in public, private, or corporate settings.

There is a growing demand for knowledgeable nurses who can select, develop, implement, and evaluate information technology.  One hundred per cent of our graduates have found employment immediately after graduation.

As a graduate of the double degree Master of Nursing and Master of Science in Health Informatics program you will develop advanced competencies in the following areas:

  • Nursing
  • Information sciences
  • Management sciences
  • Research

The importance of nursing informatics

Technology is changing healthcare systems! There is a growing demand for nurses with health informatics expertise to support development and implementation of technologies..

Successful implementation of the technologies (e.g., electronic health records, nursing information systems, telehealth) requires nurses working at all levels of care to integrate computer skills and informatics knowledge into their nursing practice. While technologies have the potential to improve care, they can also result in unanticipated “technology-induced errors.”

Our nursing informatics (Double Degree) program provides the knowledge, skills and training to identify concerns, design safe and usable systems and address nursing practice issues before and during technology implementation.

Nursing informatics graduates advance nursing practice by ensuring that intelligent and quality-based health information technology is adopted into use in patient care.

Students in this program learn to refine and improve health information technology designed for nurses and other health care professionals and to improve training of nurses when technologies are adopted into their healthcare settings.

"This program has opened my eyes to the necessity of having more nurses in informatician roles in order to strengthen nursing practice representation in all areas of health informatics. As I continue my studies, I look forward to joining and learning from the many nurses already working in this specialty and so empowering other nurses to make an impact through technology that will ultimately benefit the care that we provide." Lorilee Scott, BSN, MN and MSc Health Information Science student