Employee and family assistance program

All of us, on a daily basis, juggle different areas of our lives: work, children, partners, hobbies. Sometimes we all need a little help to get us through the challenges of daily life.

UVic staff and faculty and dependents can find support through our employee and family assistance program (EFAP). The program is designed to provide you with information, advice and support to help you navigate many of life's milestones.

EFAP is a confidential program that includes professional counselling, information and referral services. UVic’ s EFAP provider is Optum PPC Canada.

What types of services are available?

Our EFAP service catalogue includes a number of programs to support you through the challenges of daily life. Topics include:

  • dietary concerns
  • elder care
  • financial planning
  • health coaching
  • parenting
  • relationship challenges

Every month a free webinar, covering a variety of topics, is available to employees.

How do I access EFAP?

Access EFAP through online resources, e-counselling, telephone counselling, and face-to-face counselling. For access to the online services the username is: healthy. For telephone and in-person counselling - call 1-800-663-9099.

UVic acknowledges that Optum is committed to equity, dignity and inclusion. As such, Optum has counsellors who have experience supporting people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, including our indigenous communities, and will be pleased to ensure that this is a consideration when making a referral to a counsellor if deemed to be important to those accessing their services.

What is the cost?

This is a 100% employer covered benefit for eligible employees and their dependents.

The EFAP benefit covers the cost of short-term counseling sessions. If longer term or more specialized counseling is required, you will be referred to a community resource that you can afford.

For further details, please contact the Benefits Office or Optum PPC Canada.