Balanced living

Balanced living

All of us, on a daily basis, juggle different areas of our lives; work, children, partners, hobbies. It is important that we have all of these areas in balance. If we are working too hard and are unable to spend enough time with our families, it may begin to have an adverse effect on our performance at work.

Similarly, if we feel that we are spending too much time on our leisure activities and not giving our best at work, we may begin to feel that we aren’t getting that sense of achievement that we get from our successes in the workplace.

The information in this section aims to provide you with the resources that you need to achieve a balance in your day to day life.

Dimensions of wellness

Wellness is much more than just physical health, exercise or nutrition.It is the complete integration of states of well-being.

The model used by our campus includes physical, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, social, occupational, emotional and financial wellness.

Each of these dimensions are important and interrelated in a way that contribute to our own quality of life.

Vikes Nation

Are you passionate about being a Vike? Enjoy bring active and living healthy? Then look no further than Vikes Nation!

Vikes Nation's an all-inclusive community focussed on engaging the UVic campus. You can win prizes for living a healthy lifestyle and getting involved with Vikes Athletics & Recreation!