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Congratulations to Dr. Monika Winn, the 2014 recipient of the Gustavson Leaders of Excellence (In Research) Award!

monika winn 2014

Following work on stakeholder conflicts, Dr. Winn's globally recognized research more recently has focused on how climate change affects businesses and how firms can adapt to it.

Her current work builds on that expertise from a slightly different angle. Dr. Winn has seen, in more than 20 years of scientific research on biodiversity and ecosystems, unequivocal evidence that genetic and functional diversity of life on Earth is critical for ecosystems to function and to continue to provide the resources and services needed for human well-being.

In her own research, Dr. Winn examines the risks that businesses face when biodiversity is lost and ecosystems are degraded, leading initiatives and opportunities to transform current business models, and which competences will allow firms to manage biodiversity and support ecosystem resilience. She teaches Business and Sustainability courses in Gustavson’s core curricula to undergraduate, MBA, and PhD students at Gustavson.


Sustainability rocks COM 470

COM 470 cover

Three of the top nine undergraduate international research papers for COM 470 this year had a sustainability focus. In Bachelor of Commerce Best Business Research Papers Vol. VII, Erin Hallahan explored “The Business of Bicycles: The Adoption of the Bicycle in Madrid, Spain”; Michelle Youell described “Analysis of the Success and Growth of H&M,” the Swedish fashion retailer; and Jennifer Sallows wrote about “The Time for Change is Now: An Analysis of the Current State of Sustainable Initiatives in the EU and a Case Study of the Henkel Corporation’s Sustainable Success.”
“Com 470 was a really unique opportunity,” Sallows said. “I had the chance to go out and immerse myself in the international business environment and choose what I wanted to research and ultimately take control of my learning. The experience was one of my favourite parts of the BCom program.”

UVic EcoCAR 2 business manager Martin Guinto (Com '14) heads for advanced vehicle trials

Martin Guinto (Com '14)

Gustavson's Martin Guinto in the Green Garage at UVic with (from left) UVic EcoCAR 2 team lead John Jankowski-Walsh, MP Murray Rankin, and Victoria councillor Marianne Alto. Photo: Suzanne Ahearne/UVic

Gustavson Commerce student Martin Guinto is one of 13 members of UVic’s EcoCAR 2 team heading to GM’s testing ground in Milford, Michigan on May 31, 2014 for the third and final stage of EcoCAR 2: Plugging into the Future.

The competition's mission is simple - and profound: offer an unparalleled hands-on, real-world experience to educate the next generation of automotive engineers.

In this particular phase of the 25-year-old competition, students from 15 North American universities (UVic is one of two Canadian schools) have designed and integrated vehicle powertrains that, when compared to production gasoline vehicles, reduce fuel consumption, well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions, and tailpipe emissions, all while staying acceptable to consumers in performance, utility, and safety.

Guinto, in his fourth year at Gustavson, is the team’s business manager, responsible for marketing the project to potential sponsors. He’s always been interested in cars and when he saw the job posting on UVic’s Learning in Motion site, he jumped at the chance to apply.

“I want to work in the renewable energy industry,” he says, “and this project aligns with that segment.”

In fact, he’s so keen that after graduation this winter, he hopes to work in Belgium where renewable energy is already mainstream and growth in the field is “very progressive.”

“Gustavson opened my eyes to these issues [of sustainability],” says Guinto, who grew up in Vancouver. “And UVic does a great job of being progressive at promoting these kinds of initiatives.”

The EcoCAR 2 trials take place in Milford, Michigan in late May and early June, and then the teams present to sponsors in Washington, DC. The UVic team has promised to tweet updates @EcoCAR2 and post on its UVic EcoCAR Team Facebook page right up until the awards ceremony on June 12.


MIIISsion Impossible hits the international stage with an article on the UN PRME blog on April 15!

MIIISsion Impossible 2013


UN PRME blog features two local businesses on March 31! Find out more about the sustainable business cultures created by the UVic alum who lead Finest at Sea and Maple Leaf Adventures!


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It's all things Gustavson: sharing, caring, acting, impacting.

Here's Gustavson's Sharing Information on Progress report to the United Nations Global Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education.