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The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are described in Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


Our new Low-Carbon Culture Helplist has tonnes of tips for cutting the carbon in your life and a handy checklist of items to make it easy to see where and how you can make a difference to your wallet, your community, and your planet.


Natural Capital Accounting can be your company's bright new communications tool.


PivotGoals is a database of the environmental, social, and governance targets set by Fortune Global 500 companies.


CSSI's 2012-2013 Year in Review is full of stories about the many accomplishments of the Gustavson community.

YiR cover 2012-13

And CSSI's first Year in Review shows what happened at the centre during 2011-12.

YiR cover 2011-12


PivotGoals is a database of the environmental, social, and governance targets set by the Fortune Global 500 companies


July 29, 2013:

How to decarbonate your life: two checklists and a worksheet. One from the David Suzuki Foundation, one from UVic's Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability, and one from the BC Sustainable Energy Association.

July 25, 2013:

How to turn a sport into a crime empire, a how-to manual from that most authoritative source, The Economist. Page 53 of the July 13, 2013 print edition or online here.

July 24, 2013:

The threads are coming together: "Stripped Bare: Brands Move Toward Transparency and Traceability," Business of Fashion, July 23, 2013, examines clothing companies that are lifting the veils from their supply chains. "Accord, alliance or disunity?" in The Economist, July 13, 2013, compares the "Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh" launched by 72 European clothing retailers with the "Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety" rolled out by 17 North American chains. Together they provide an aerial view of the five stages of the corporate sustainability journey, as described in Bob Willard's The New Sustainability Advantage.

July 23, 2013:

Advertorial or fact or both? "Steel that's soft on the environment" in the National Post on July 22, 2013 reads like a promotional feature for the steel industry, but the claims are worth looking into for more details about the benefits of steel for construction, among other uses.

There's more to a sustainable future than clean air and safe water. The United Nations recognizes that crime and drugs must be taken into account, according to "U.N.: Global agenda development must address crime, drugs," on July 22. 2013.

July 22, 2013:

"EU, China agree on joint green agendas," in, July 18, 2013

July 5, 2013:

"Hawaiians fight back against GMO," in Grist July 2, 2013

July 4, 2013: Communique overflow

There's so much great information out there - articles, videos, books, interviews - that we can't fit them all into our weekly Communique. Here's a tiny, tasty selection for today:

Transforming higher education: Massive Open Online Courses, a CBS News clip

Banks and Corporate Social Responsibility: The New Equator Principles III: Amplifying CSR for Financial Institutions The Equator Principles ("EPs"), a private code of conduct adopted by 80 financial institutions globally, released a revised version – EPIII - that significantly upgrades the banks' commitments to corporate social responsibility, including human rights, climate change and transparency. From CSRWire, June 12, 2013, by Ariel Meyerstein

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (CLPE) webinar in French hosted by the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University on July 11: 9-9:45am
CLPE fait référence au droit des peuples autochtones de participer aux décisions qui auront une incidence sur leurs terres et leurs ressources, particulièrement en ce qui a trait à l’exploitation des ressources naturelles.
Ce webinaire expliquera comment le CLPE peut être un outil de gestion des risques et des enjeux environnementaux et sociaux pour des projets dans le secteur des ressources naturelles.
Il fera référence au rapport sur le sujet publié par le Conseil:
Pour vous inscrire à ce webinaire:


Three years, three pages: CSSI's vision, goals, priorities and key initiatives in one concise document.


Zero-waste events. What a brilliant idea! This checklist thanks to UVic's Facilities Management and Campus Planning and Sustainability.


BC Hydro's PowerSmart competition for business professors who embed energy efficiency and conservation in their courses.


Find out what Gustavson is really up to: United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) Sharing Information on Progress Report.


Cssi Gustavson is Facebooking links to thoughtful people and relevant events around the world. We'd love to hear from you, so please keep us in mind when you hear or read about something cool in the world of sustainability and social responsibility.


International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have developed a joint IEA/IRENA renewable energy policies and measures database to provide an overview of global status on renewable energy policies as well as country-specific policy profiles.


Ezio Manzini's recent talk about university-led design for social innovation got people talking.

Jennifer Oakes, BCom Admissions Officer, said, "Dr. Manzini validated my belief that what students take from Gustavson can design the harmony between business and sustainability."


How do key stakeholders use the information in a sustainability report?  How does the information affect the reputation of the reporting organisation?

To find out, download this new research report, The State of CSR in Australia: Stakeholders as readers of sustainability reports, produced by the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility as part of its contribution to the Australian Global Reporting Initiative Conference, held 26-28 March, 2012


CSSI director Monika Winn was one of the editors for the special issue of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, which includes "Case studies on trade-offs in corporate sustainability."


Beat the Heat and win tuition by doing what you're learning! This contest is hosted by Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society and sponsored by FortisBC, with two prizes ($10,000 and $5,000) to be used exclusively for educational purposes.


Why sustainable practices matter - from the molecular to the global. These Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) video clips explain ever so clearly the science of climate change and why we need to care:

Or check out PICS's innovative course, Climate Insights 101, which includes all of those clips and more!


Best Buy's Chief Ethics Officer Kathleen Edmond blogs about real Best Buy cases, academic and other writings, and more.

Business & Society call for papers: deadline Oct 15, 2012

World Bank databases: a wealth of information on a world of topics

For statistics and data about climate change from a range of researchers and agencies, check this site.

The Carbon Diet: this week's menu ten ways we can all reduce our own CO2 clouds

How BMW successfully practices sustainable leadership principles by Gayle C. Avery and Harald Bergsteiner

Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curriculum: application deadline Feb. 2, 2012

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

POLIS Project on Ecological Governance

Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy

International Association for Business and Society

Academy of Management Journal

British Columbia Ministry of Environment

British Columbia Environment Industry Association

Sustainability: The Journal of Record