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George Tzanetakis

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George Tzanetakis
Assistant Professor
Phone Number:(250) 472-5711
Languages: English, Greek
Computer Science

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- Music information retrieval
- Computer music
- Audio signal processing
- Machine learning
- Human computer interaction

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If engineering and fine arts seem worlds apart, then take a look at how George Tzanetakis blends the two.

As a computer scientist and the Canada Research Chair in Computer Analysis of Audio and Music, Dr. Tzanetakis is an emerging researcher in music information retrieval - he creates algorithms that instantly extract information from complex audio signals.

This has all sorts of creative applications, from personalized radio systems that recommend music you may like, or audio fingerprinting in mobile phones, which allows you to identify a music piece being played in a coffee shop or a bar.

Dr. Tzanetakis is currently working on analyzing large personal music collections to develop systems that recommend music to a particular user. He wants to expand the technology's capabilities so that computers, listeners and musicians can interact better with each other.

Dr. Tzanetakis, a musician himself, is also developing a robotic percussionist that can improvise with human performers. Although a music ensemble with musicians and computers can be complex, he believes it can also be rich and dynamic. His curiosity in the field drives him to iron out the wrinkles still present in human-computer interactions.

Working with whale biologists, Dr. Tzanetakis is also involved in building tools to analyze audio vocalizations of killer whales. Working with 20,000 hours of archival data, he is helping to streamline the process by creating algorithms that can mark segments of interest, organize the audio files and recognize various types of orca calls.

In the innovative Computer Science and Music combined program, Dr. Tzanetakis engages his students in real-life projects that push their boundaries and help them understand learned concepts at a deeper level.


Dr. Tzanetakis holds a Ph.D. from Princeton.

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Interdisciplinary Research

Dr. Tzanetakis is involved in conducting research on music perception and music cognition.

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Tzanetakis takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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Dr. Tzanetakis has lived and worked in Greece and the USA.

Software Development

Dr. Tzanetakis is developing marsyas - a software framework for audio analysis.

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