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Sudhakar Ganti

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Sudhakar Ganti
Assistant Professor
Phone Number:(250) 472-5733
Languages: English, Telugu and Hindi
Computer Science

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High-performance networking aspects: Quality-of-Service Issues, Traffic Management, Datapath analysis and design;
Traffic Engineering;
Switching system analysis and design;
Performance studies;
Network design;
Optical Networks;
Queueing Theory;
Trends in data networking, traffic management, quality of service, protocols, routing, traffic engineering, network design, switching architectures, optical networks, performance evaluation, queueing theory. Algorithms; Asynchronous transfer mode; Communication(s) networks, protocols and systems; Data communications, Interconnection networks; Internet; Probablitiy Theory; Simulation Modelling; Stochastic models and processes; Telecommunication and Telecommunications technologies.


Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Research Keywords

Professional development
Three Minute Thesis (3MT)
Graduate Students' Society

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