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Lenora Marcellus

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Lenora Marcellus
Phone Number:(250) 472-5428
Languages: English

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- Premature infants
- Substance use during pregnancy (including infants with neonatal withdrawal, supporting women with substance use challenges, and supporting foster families who care for these infants in a community setting)
- Adolescent pregnancy and parenting

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Dr. Lenora Marcellus lives the philosophy of the University of Victoria's School of Nursing.

Faculty in the school teach that as well as individual patient care, registered nurses should also think about how they can contribute to health in their communities.

Dr. Marcellus is on the Community Advisory Council for HerWay Home, a community partnership program that provides care and support for pregnant women and new mothers with problematic substance use.

She also helped develop Vancouver Island's Safe Babies program, which provides education and support for foster families caring for infants with prenatal substance exposure in British Columbia and as of this year, in Alberta. She is on the Board of the Vancouver Island Foster Parent Support Services Society.

In her course on community health nursing, Dr. Marcellus brings in examples from projects she herself is working on, hoping to inspire students with the many possibilities of community development.

Dr. Marcellus has over fifteen years clinical experience in perinatal and neonatal intensive care nursing. Her research tends to revolve around infants who are considered high risk, their families and their caregivers.

In addition to these specific clinical areas of study, she is also interested in nursing leadership, knowledge translation, quality improvement and patient safety.

Dr. Marcellus works globally and with teams in the community on specific quality improvement projects, helping make services better, safer, more efficient and more effective.

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Research Keywords

Community Interaction

Community Projects

Her current research areas include perinatal substance use, infant mental health in the NICU, high risk infants in foster care, women's health,and quality improvement and patient safety.

Community Collaborations

She works collaboratively with several programs on Vancouver Island that support infants with health challenges and their parents and caregivers, including the Vancouver Island Foster Parent Support Services Society, the HerWay Home Program, and Moms and Mentors.

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