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Welcome to the UVic expertise database, designed to give you access to the wealth of expertise that the University of Victoria has to offer. This database is extensive, but it doesn't include all faculty members or every area of expertise at UVic. If you can't find the information you need in this database, we encourage you to contact us.

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Face recognition
Facial and character systems
Facial gestures in language aquisition
Families and aging
Family as the unit of care
Family law
Family planning
Family relationships and support
Family violence
Far East
Female sexual dysfunction
Feminism, law and policy
Feminist analysis
Feminist anthropology
Feminist criminology
Feminist critique of science
Feminist epistemology
Feminist ethics
Feminist film criticism
Feminist geography
Feminist jurisprudence
Feminist literary theory
Feminist research
Feminist sociology
Feminist theory
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
Field techniques
Field work
Film policy
Film production
Film sound design
Film studies
Film theory
Finite element methods
First Nations
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     Ansloos,   Jeffrey  
     Ball,   Jessica  
     Ban,   Natalie  
     Banister,   Elizabeth  
     Carriere,   Jeannine  
     Corntassel,   Jeff  
     Curran,   Deborah  
     Dalton,   Robert  
     Darimont,   Christopher  
     Graham,   Christopher  
     Holder,   Cindy  
     Lalonde,   Christopher  
     Lutz,   John  
     Mackie,   Quentin  
     O'Bonsawin,   Christine  
     Pence,   Alan  
     Saxon,   Leslie  
     Stanger-Ross,   Jordan  
     Thom,   Brian  
     Thomas,   Robina  
     Tully,   James  
     Welsh,   Christine  
First Nations education
First nations languages
First Nations teacher education
Fiscal Law
Fish diseases
Fish endocrinology
Fish stock assessment
Fish toxicology
Fisheries modelling
Fisheries science
Flexible robots
Fluid and ion transport
Fluid dynamics
Fluid mechanics
Fluorescence microscopy
Folk music
Folk Rituals
Food History
Food systems
Food webs
Foreign policy
Forest ecology
Forest pest management
Forest policy
Forest tenure
Forest wildlife management
Forestry - economic aspects
Forestry geoscience
Forestry, sylviculture
Formal language theory
Free radicals
Free trade
Freedom of information
French history
French language
French Polynesia (France)
French-based creoles
Fresh water predators
Fuel cells
Functional analysis and operator theory
Functional genomics
Functional medicine
Functional programming
Fungal diseases
Fungal pathogens
Fur trade
Fuzzy sets
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