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Welcome to the UVic expertise database, designed to give you access to the wealth of expertise that the University of Victoria has to offer. This database is extensive, but it doesn't include all faculty members or every area of expertise at UVic. If you can't find the information you need in this database, we encourage you to contact us.

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Hacker crafts
Haida Gwaii
Haida peoples
Halkomelem language
Harbour technology
Hawaiian Islands
Head injury
Health & illness cross-culturally
Health and aging
Health and health care of diverse and disadvantaged populations
Health care
Health care delivery
Health care management and organization
Health decision making
Health economics
Health ethics
Health evaluation
Health impact of food and product safety
Health inequalities and gradients
Health informatics
Health information technology
Health information, statistics and surveys
Health law
Health outcomes
Health policy
Health policy and evaluation
Health promotion and disease prevention
Health psychology
Health sciences education
Health services
Health statistics
Health status, measurement, needs assessment
Health system analysis
Health systems and society
Health, culture, and society
Health, education and welfare
Health, medical sociology
Healthy cities
Healthy communities
Heart disease
Heart rate regulation
Heat transfer
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     Gregory,   Patrick  
High energy proton-proton collisions
High performance computing systems
Higher education
Higher-order algebra
Historical archaeology
Historical biology
Historical censuses
Historical criminology
Historical geography
Historical linguistics
History of 17th century philosophy
History of books and bookmaking
History of continental philosophy
History of economic thought
History of education
History of educational ideas
History of family
History of gender
History of health services
History of immigration
History of law
History of mathematics education
History of medicine
History of modern philosophy
History of nursing
History of philosophy
History of religion
History of science and technology
History of sexuality
History of social thought
History of technology
Home care services
Hong Kong
Hormone action
Hormone receptor
Hormones and cancer
Hospitality sector
Host immune response
Human behaviour
Human biomechanics
Human computer interaction
Human computer interfaces
Human ecology
Human evolution
Human gross anatomy
Human information processing
Human motivation
Human resource management
Human rights
Human trafficking
Human-centred technology assessment
Human-computer interaction
Human-computer interfaces
Humans and their environment
Hydraulic technology
Hydrothermal vents
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