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Helena Kadlec

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Helena Kadlec
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Languages: English, Czech
Faculty of Social Sciences

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My research interests are in the following areas:

I am expanding the standard (unidimensional) Signal Detection Theory to the multidimensional case and developing a new experimental paradigm that uses the MSDT to test dimensional interactions in a variety of psychological processes (e.g., perception, memory). I am also using this new paradigm to study particular aspects of visual perception and source memory.

In addition to the statistical issues that are involved in the MSDT paradigm described above, I also pursue questions that crop up regarding “standard” or new statistical techniques. For example, what happens when data fail to conform to the assumptions of a particular statistical test? Are the conclusions based on those data invalid, or does the statistical test hold up even when the data fail to meet the assumptions?

Measuring psychological constructs, and measuring them well.

As a graduate advisor for my department, I am interested in higher education. We have recently completed a survey of all UVic graduate students on critical aspects of graduate education (viz., graduate student experiences, timely completion, graduate supervision).

Interdisciplinary Research

I have recently begun to collaborate and consult (on research designs, statistics, and psychometric issues) with a number of researchers in the health care areas, inside and outside of UVic.

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General International Activities

As Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, I am the Faculty of Social Sciences liaison with UVic's Office of International Affairs.

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Czech Republic and the United States

Software Development

I have written (and updated) a software program for analysing data obtained from the Multidimensional Signal Detection (MSD) research design described above. Because I continue to work on the MSD theory, this program periodically goes through an upgrade to incorporate newly developed analyses.

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Three Minute Thesis (3MT)
Graduate Students' Society

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