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Welcome to the UVic expertise database, designed to give you access to the wealth of expertise that the University of Victoria has to offer. This database is extensive, but it doesn't include all faculty members or every area of expertise at UVic. If you can't find the information you need in this database, we encourage you to contact us.

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Qualitative DATA analysis
Qualitative methods
Qualitative reasoning
Qualitative research
Quality of life
Quantitative methods
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     Baer,   Douglas  
     Boraston,   Alisdair  
     Boyer,   Wanda  
     Clarke,   Judith  
     Code,   Jillianne  
     D'Arcy,   Alexandra  
     Giles,   David  
     Grouzet,   Frederick  
     Hofer,   Scott  
     Irvine,   Valerie  
     Iverson,   Scott  
     Kadlec,   Helena  
     Klimstra,   Marc  
     Kobayashi,   Karen  
     Lesperance,   Mary  
     Macoun,   Sarah  
     Mallidou,   Anastasia  
     Martin,   Joan  
     Parisi,   Laura  
     Piccinin,   Andrea  
     Rhodes,   Ryan  
     Secchi,   Enrico  
     Stajduhar,   Kelli  
     Steacy,   Robert  
     Tory,   Melanie  
     van Kooten,   Gerrit  
     Zhou,   Min  
Quantum computing
Queen Charlotte margin
Queer theory
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