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Business Administration ( Masters )

The Faculty of Business, also known as the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, provides a commitment to business sustainability, and underlies our three areas of MBA specialization: entrepreneurship, service management and international business.

Entrance requirements

Prerequisite Minimum standing
BA, BSc GPA of B or better on last two years of undergraduate degree

Applicants must also meet the general admission requirements for the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Application deadlines

Entry point Domestic students International students
April 30 March 31

Exams and other requirements

  • Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) score
  • Two letters of reference
  • Resume
  • Two essays
  • For details, please consult the Business website

Program advisers

    Department directory

    Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

    Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

    Office of the Dean

    Dean Saul Klein 250-721-6422 BEC 254
    Associate Dean, Programs David McCutcheon 250-721-6426 BEC 250
    Associate Dean, Faculty Renewal Mark Colgate 250-853-3873 BEC 446
    Assistant Dean, External Relations Patricia Elemans 250-472-4447 BEC 234
    Director, Administration & Finance Kevan Gorham 250-472-4280 BEC 254c
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Nav Bassi 250-472-5924 CLE C012
    Research & Special Projects Coordinator Sue Bengtson 250-853-3298 BEC 148
    Academic Projects Officer Shannon Perdigao 250-721-8077 BEC 254
    Finance Officer Erin Kilpatrick 250-721-6110 BEC 254
    Secretary to the Dean Sandra Brazeau-Smith 250-721-6422 BEC 254
    Secretary to the Associate Dean, Programs & Faculty Support Leslie MacDonald 250-853-3537 BEC 254
    Secretary to the Associate Dean, Faculty Renewal & Faculty Support Jake Ganzeveld 250-721-6068 BEC 254
    Faculty Support Sheryl Zornes 250-472-5647 BEC 254
    Faculty Support Darci Brady 250-472-4139 BEC 254
    FAX 250-721-6613


    Director of Accreditations, Rankings and Metrics Chris Graham 250-472-4675 BEC 258
    Accreditation Officer Shari Wierenga BEC 254
    FAX 250-721-6067

    Executive Programs

    Director, Executive Programs Administration Charmaine Stack 250-472-4446 TEF 258
    Associate Director, Domestic, Executive Programs Tzena Bennallack On leave
    Associate Director, International and Indigenous, Executive Programs Nicole Wallace 250-721-7039 TEF 245
    Account Executive Eddie Isted 250-721-6429 TEF 252
    International Projects Coordinator Maggie (Yue) Li On leave
    Client Service Specialist Laurel McLeod 250-721-8793 TEF 245
    Client Service Specialist Shane Mantle 250-721-7081 TEF 245
    Client Service Specialist Helena (Huan Ran) Zhang 250-472-4448 TEF 256
    Summer Programs Manager Kelly Loudoun 250-472-4721 TEF 248
    Clerk Dina Ventura 250-853-3611 TEF 245
    FAX 250-472-4497

    External Relations & Development

    Assistant Dean, External Relations Patricia Elemans 250-472-4447 BEC 234
    Development Officer Amanda Taylor 250-472-4279 BEC 142
    Communications and Public Relations Officer Moira Dann On leave
    Alumni Officer Krista Boehnert 250-721-6630 BEC 138
    Corporate Relationship Manager Alberta Sashie Steenstra 403-554-0075 Calgary AB
    Website Communications Coordinator Erin Beattie 250-661-3294 BEC 146
    External Relations Secretary Pam Bartilucci 250-721-6406 BEC 236
    External Relations Clerk 250-721-6077
    FAX 250-853-3828

    Graduate Programs

    Graduate Recruitment Officer Sandy Huang 250-853-3747 BEC 289B

    Graduate Programs (MBA)

    General Office 250-721-6075 BEC 283
    MBA Director Vivien Corwin 250-721-6311 BEC 276
    MBA Associate Director Ian Robertson 250-721-6403 BEC 290
    MBA Co-op Coordinator Brad Erikson 250-721-6083 BEC 289A
    MBA Consulting Projects Director John Oldale 250-721-6433 BEC 272
    MBA Data Analysis and Program Logistics Coordinator Leah Wilcock 250-472-5991 BEC 289C
    MBA Secretary Catrina Jones 250-721-6058 BEC 289
    MBA Secretary Amy Weinberg On leave
    MBA Reception 250-721-6075 BEC 289
    FAX 250-721-7066

    Graduate Programs (MGB)

    MGB Director Ignace Ng 250-721-6073 BEC 432
    MGB Associate Director John Oldale 250-721-6433 BEC 272
    MGB Program Assistant Alyssa Cuthbert 250-853-3746 BEC 117B
    MGB Secretary Naoko Iida 250-853-3746 BEC 289

    Doctoral Programs (PhD)

    PhD Director Carmen Galang 250-721-6111 BEC 218
    PhD Program Manager & Special Projects Wendy Mah 250-721-6060 BEC 258
    PhD Secretary Naoko Iida 250-853-3746 BEC 289

    International Programs Office (IP)

    IP Director Elango Elangovan 250-721-6405 BEC 224
    IP Associate Director Brian Leacock 250-721-6434 BEC 270
    IP Manager Jane Collins 250-721-6057 BEC 268
    IP International Student Recruiter - China Specialist Allen Sun 250-472-4506 BEC 280
    IP Exchange Student Advisor Radhika Nair 250-721-6061 BEC 278
    IP International Student Advisor Christina Hernandez 250-853-3748 BEC 278
    IP Assistant Fiona Sehmi 250-721-6419 BEC 278
    FAX 250-721-6457

    Undergraduate Programs (BCom)

    General Office 250-472-4728 BEC 283
    BCom Academic Director Margaret Klatt 250-721-6425 BEC 274
    BCom Director of Administration Sheryl Karras 250-721-6056 BEC 282
    BCom Experiential Learning Manager Jennifer Gill 250-853-3750 BEC 272
    BCom Experiential Learning Officer Melissa Doyle 250-853-3750 BEC 272
    BCom Admissions/Advising Officer Audrey Audebert 250-721-6432 BEC 238
    BCom Advisor Laurelle Inouye 250-472-4338 BEC 284
    BCom Advisor/Special Projects Kate Donovan 250-472-4170 BEC 284
    BCom Secretary Brenda Stajduhar 250-472-4855 BEC 283
    BCom Program Assistant Stacey Gavora 250-472-4855 BEC 283
    BCom Clerk Rachelle Chamberlain 250-472-4488 BEC 283
    FAX 250-721-7066

    Business Career Office

    Career Educator Beverly Stevens 250-721-6087 BEC 107
    Employment Assistant Melissa Hamer 250-472-4441 BEC 112
    FAX 250-721-6605

    Business Co-op Office

    Manager Leslie Liggett 250-721-6065 BEC 116
    Co-op Employment Development Officer Robyn Booth 250-472-4449 BEC 114
    Co-op Coordinator, MBA Brad Erikson 250-721-6083 BEC 289A
    Co-op Coordinator Bert Klatt 250-721-6066 BEC 126
    Co-op Coordinator Marguerite Casey-Wolnicki 250-853-3202 BEC 128
    Co-op Coordinator Alma Osorio 250-472-4566 BEC 124
    Co-op Coordinator Sarah McQuillan 250-721-6410 BEC 130
    Co-op Coordinator Vivian Leik 250-721-6657 BEC 132
    Co-op Coordinator Alissa Wakeman 250-721-6657 BEC 122
    Co-op Placement Coordinator Mami Schouten 250-721-6413 BEC 118
    Co-op Placement Coordinator Cathy Burrage 250-721-6496 BEC 120
    Co-op Assistant Yumi Morishima 250-721-6054 BEC 112
    Co-op Assistant Melissa Hamer 250-472-4441 BEC 112
    Co-op Assistant Gabriel Barcante 250-721-6063 BEC 112
    FAX 250-721-6605

    Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI)

    Director Monika Winn 250-721-6071 BEC 472
    Associate Director Heather Ranson 250-721-6112 BEC 208
    CSSI Coordinator Rachel Goldsworthy 250-853-3721 BEC 150

    Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs (ICE)

    ICE Director Brock Smith 250-721-6070 BEC 232
    ICE Communications and Event Coordinator Elise Wren 250-721-8556 BEC 144
    General ICE Enquiries 250-721-8556 SED 142

    Entrepreneurship Specialization

    Champion Brock Smith 250-721-6070 BEC 232

    International Specialization

    Champion Ignace Ng 250-721-6073 BEC 440


    Champion Mary Yoko Brannen 250-472-4445 BEC 474

    Service Management Specialization

    Champion Stephen Tax 250-721-6417 BEC 448


    Champion Monika Winn 250-721-6071 BEC 472

    Co-operative education opportunities

    Can you do co-op?

    Graduate co-op is mandatory in this academic program if you have less than three years full-time relevant (or equivalent) work experience. You’ll complete co-op work terms as part of your program requirements. Contact the Business Co-op Program for details.

    What is co-op?

    Co-operative education (co-op) is a learning strategy that lets you:

    • alternate your academic studies with paid, relevant work experience in your field of study
    • enrich your academic studies by drawing on practical, real-world experience from your work terms
    • develop competencies to excel in the workplace
    • potentially pursue work terms related to your graduate research or project
    What other career development support does UVic offer?

    UVic Co-op and Career can support you through every stage of your career development, through:

    Looking for work?

    Apply for all types of job opportunities at

    Apply for admission

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