Interdisciplinary studies

Picking from the hundreds of exciting courses UVic has to offer can be a challenge, especially if you want to keep your options open and sample studies from more than one faculty.

If you're interested in completing a degree unique to your individual tastes, consider enrolling in one of UVic's 10 flexible interdisciplinary programs to learn across faculties and add some flavour to your studies.

Interested in film but not sure how to get more from movies? With a minor in film studies you can brush up on your film history, learn how to write a screenplay and study how cinema fits into African popular culture -- all in one comprehensive program.

UVic's interdisciplinary options offer you the opportunity to broaden your world view and pursue a topic you're interested in that doesn't quite fit into just one faculty.

To plan a program including an interdisciplinary general or minor, meet with an academic adviser and make sure you're on the right track.

Please visit Academic Advising to learn more about enrolling in these programs.

Applied ethics

Learn how to tackle a wide range of ethical challenges in both your personal and professional life - from studies in bio-engineering and legal decision-making to media ethics and environmental restoration. If you're interested in this minor program, start with PHIL 232.

Arts of Canada

With classes ranging from poetry and fiction writing to West Coast art and cinema in Quebec, you can study across creative mediums and figure out for yourself why Canadians are so proud of their cultural arts. Start by taking FA/ACAN 225 for an introduction.

European studies

Discover Europe's multi-faceted history, diverse culture and fast-changing political realities -- plus you'll learn a second language as you go!

Film studies

Enhance your critical appreciation of film culture, study international cinemas and learn how to write a brilliant screenplay in this wide-ranging and popular program. HA 295 will introduce you to the world of Film Studies at UVic.

Human dimensions of climate change

Climate change is not only an environmental event. Exploring solutions to the many problems of climate change mitigation and adaptation requires an understanding of the human aspects of the problem.

Indigenous studies

Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students learn how to combine Indigenous world views and ways of knowing with their personal and professional goals in this engaging area of study. You are encouraged to start by taking IS 200 for an introduction to Indigenous Studies.

Social justice studies

Excited about the possibilities of moving past injustice and an unsustainable way of life? Gain critical perspectives about the social and ecological challenges facing our world, explore possibilities for change and find common ground with your peers in this program, no matter what career you're working towards.

Technology and society

Excited to explore the nature of technological change and its rapid transformation of contemporary society? In a global culture driven forward by dramatic developments in technology, no aspect of politics, culture and society is left undisturbed.

Student testimonial

Sebastian Eklund"There was never a dull moment in choosing my areas of study since most classes were major interests of mine and I learned many new and stimulating concepts which I will never forget."

Sebastian Eklund
Major: Pacific and Asian Studies; Minor: Film Studies

Need help deciding?

Students in the Faculties of Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences should visit the Advising Centre (University Centre, Room A205) or email for information on fitting an interdisciplinary program into their degree.

If you are a student in another faculty, please contact your advising office (below) to determine whether you're eligible to complete an interdisciplinary program.

Faculty of Business
Business Student Services Office - BEC 283

Faculty of Education
Teacher Education programs - MAC A250; phone 250-721-7877; email
Kinesiology and Recreation and Health Education programs - MCK 115; phone 250-721-6554; email

Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering - EOW 206; phone 250-721-8678; email
Computer Science - ECS 512; phone 250-472-5257; email

Faculty of Fine Arts
Fine Arts Advising Centre - FIA 119; phone 250-472-5165; email

Faculty of Human and Social Development