Exploratory studies program

Interested in taking a university course or two but not planning to complete a whole degree? Exploratory studies at UVic may be the right fit for you.

This flexible admission option is available to mature students hoping to either explore a passion or develop their professional knowledge. As an exploratory student, you can register in up to three units of courses per term (two classes, usually) to a maximum of 12 units of coursework overall for personal or professional interest.

No transcripts are required to be considered for admission as an exploratory student, but please note that you must:

  • be at least 21 years of age
  • meet UVic's English Language Proficiency requirements
  • not have been a UVic student in the past
  • not have been required to withdraw from any post-secondary institution in the previous three years

If at some point you change your mind and want to complete an undergraduate degree, you will have to apply for regular admission and provide documentation proving that you meet the requirements of the degree program you're interested in.

A number of first and second year course options are suggested. Requests for other courses will also be considered on an individual basis. Please read the course descriptions carefully, as all pre-requisites must be satisfied in order to enrol in any course. It may be necessary to provide a transcript to show proof of satisfying a specific course prerequisite.

Interested in applying?