Meet our recruiters

Wonder who makes up UVic's team of recruitment-admission liaisons? Click the labels below to learn more about us and where we'll be travelling.  If you have questions, contact the recruiter assigned to your province or country to make sure you get quickest response.

National student recruiters

Claire Clarke - Interior BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

I'm a runner, hiker and adventure seeking explorer of everything that is Vancouver Island. It was my co-op experience at UVic that helped me discover what I was truly passionate about - community and ecological connectedness.

My UVic is collaborative, socially responsible and rich with outdoor activities. As a student, I took advantage of everything UVic had to offer. I ran for the varsity cross-country and track teams, joined clubs, volunteered everywhere I could and experienced hidden secrets and gems like Mystic Vale, a beautiful woodland oasis right here on campus - the perfect place to find serenity after a busy day. I look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to share my UVic experience.

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Remy Hall - Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes

I’m a passionate guitarist, avid cyclist and lover of the great outdoors. Growing up in North Vancouver taught me the West Coast truly is the best place to live, learn, and leap into a world with endless opportunities just waiting to be explored.

My UVic is hands-on, motivating and full of music and active engagement. I encourage you to come to UVic with an open mind, start fresh and leave high school cliques behind. Be prepared to mix and mingle with people from all over the world who will challenge your thoughts, enrich your knowledge and become your life-long friends.

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Hannah Lockie - Vancouver Island

I am a triathlete, biologist, dancer and recent UVic graduate. I chose to stay on the West Coast and study the biology of the human body.

My UVic feels like home, is active and is full of clubs to join. I wish I'd known to keep an open mind when I started - sometimes the courses you imagine you'll love turn out to be on the opposite path of your career goals but it's possible to change directions.

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Lauren Stamhuis - Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut


I'm a bilingual traveller, punk rock enthusiast and opera singer. After two degrees in the Department of French at UVic my studies have become an integral part of my identity—not only as a learner, but as a Canadian.

My UVic is full of majestic trees, surfing weekends and local food. I’m excited to build connections this year, right from the moment you begin wondering how your goals and values might fit with UVic to the day you start your new adventure on campus.

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Brian Tucker - Graduate and Transfer Student Specialist

BrianI am a social geographer, and aspiring comic book writer, and most importantly, a father of two. I'm a west coast convert who returned to school after a nine-year absence to complete two degrees.

My UVic is a vibrant, inclusive community where active minds come together in the spirit of collaboration. I believe the secret to many students’ success lies in their ability to access available resources. I look forward to being that first resource for you, as you launch into your newest pursuit.

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Tracey Woodhouse - Lower Mainland

TraceyI'm a biotechnologist, afternoon stroller and coastal living expert. I made the switch from Halifax, Nova Scotia to the West Coast and felt right at home from the moment I arrived.

My UVic is beautiful and full of new imaginations to inspire. I think that university is all about balance - between class and clubs, schoolwork and part-time work, studying and sports - and so I'm looking forward to hearing what part of student life you’re most interested in (as well as answering all of your UVic-related questions) this year.

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Indigenous student recruiter

Lalita Morrison - Indigenous Community Liaison and Outreach Coordinator

Lalita I am an educator and outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about higher learning. I grew up in Vanderhoof BC, I really love that the West Coast offers fabulous year-round weather and a focus for active healthy lifestyles. I chose to come to UVic because our campus is a beautiful place to learn and the Victoria area is a great place to play.

I am Coast Salish from the K'ómoks Nation and I work for the Office of Indigenous Affairs located in the First Peoples House. MY UVic respects the history, customs and cultures of the Coast and Straits Salish people, on whose traditional lands our university resides – and it supports Indigenous cultural resurgence. UVic has quickly become my "home away from home".

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International student recruiters

Angela Colibaba - Middle East, Africa and East Asia

I camp, dine out on the town and study other cultures. A picture really does say a thousand words for me: after one glimpse at an aerial photo of campus it was an easy decision for me to make the jump from Winnipeg, Manitoba to this warm, curious and beautiful island.

My UVic is picturesque, full of people's stories and close to nature. Before I started at UVic I wish I'd known how exciting it is to be an undecided student in your first year. In high school you get just a snapshot of what subjects are out there; at UVic, you're introduced to so many more possibilities.

Travel schedule - Spring 2014

  • April 1 - 11 - Scandinavia and Germany
  • April 22 - May 2 - Southern California

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Heather Young - US, Central America and South America

I am a careful planner, unabashed dog lover and Ontario native. I fell in love with the West Coast during sunny summer visits with my grandparents growing up and knew then that I wanted to live in British Columbia one day.

My UVic is on the edge of the ocean, close to the best boutiques and rich in adventure. In high school I wish I'd known how valuable a campus tour can be - I hadn't set foot at my school until the day I moved into residence and feel lucky it all worked out. I look forward to passing more tips like this onto your students as they start to think about a future at UVic.

Travel schedule - Spring 2014

  • February 11-13 - Seattle
  • Feb 22-March 2 - Mexico
  • April 7-10 - Hawaii/NACAC
  • April 30-May 2 - Santa Fe
  • May 3-10 - Northern California/WACAC

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Qi Ke - China and Southeast Asia

I'm a swimmer, traveller and movie buff. I moved to Victoria from China and fell in love with everything there is to know about marketing, human resources and customer service during my studies.

My UVic is full of relationships, nearby beaches and friendly colleagues. Learning about what motivates students to choose education for their future is the most exciting part of my job and I look forward to hearing what goals you dream about this year.

Travel schedule - Spring 2014

  • Feb 12- March 16 - China
  • March 17-27 - Korea
  • March 28-31 - Vietnam
  • April 1-12 - China

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