Transfer credit

Eligible transfer credit will normally be assigned as part of the admission process. Transfer credit from BC colleges, International Baccalaureate program and Advanced Placement program will be assigned according to the equivalencies set out in the BC Transfer Guide for the year in which the courses were completed. Associate Degrees completed at a BC College are guaranteed 30 units of transfer credit.

Transfer credit from other accredited institutions is determined upon admission. Applicants from Canadian Universities will usually receive specific or level credit if the courses successfully completed are similar to the courses offered at UVic. Visiting and non-degree students are not assigned transfer credit. Second degree candidates are normally awarded 30 units of block credit.

Minimum requirements

Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to any faculty, program or courses at the University. In those instances where the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number that can be accommodated, the admission cutoff will be higher than the minimum published requirements.

Limitations on transfer credit

Transfer credit granted on admission to a degree program is not limited but may not normally be applied to the final 30 units of the program. Exceptions to this regulation require the approval of the Dean of the faculty concerned. If a student’s performance warrants a review of transfer credit granted on admission, the University reserves the right to require such a student to make up any deficiencies (without additional credit) before proceeding to studies at a higher level.

Transferring with fewer than 8 university-level courses

Applicants who have completed fewer than 8 university level courses (12 UVic units) must have a minimum overall average of a "C" on any university level courses. In addition, the applicant must also meet the minimum requirements for entry to year one.

Transferring with more than 8 university-level courses

Applicants require successful completion of a minimum of 8 university level courses (12 UVic units) with a minimum overall average equivalent to a "C". The average is calculated on the grades from the most recent 8 university level courses (12 UVic units). Only university level courses will be used in the calculation; repeated and failed courses will be included.

Credit assignments

Credit is determined on a course-by-course basis, but where block credit agreements have been established for specific diploma programs to transfer to specific UVic degree programs, credit may exceed the amounts indicated, but may not exceed a maximum of 30.0 units (i.e. 2 years).