Become a graduate student

Screencap of the virtual tour showing a student tour guide in front of the library

Visit UVic from anywhere in the world, virtually

Experience UVic’s extraordinary academic environment from your desktop or mobile device. Follow UVic student tour guides as they walk you through the places they live and learn, and see why UVic's the right fit for you.

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Graduate student conducting research in kinesiology

Research your future

Learn about the research taking place at UVic and how you can get involved.

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Graduate studies at UVic

Pursue a master's or doctoral degree in one of more than 160 graduate programs at UVic.

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Graduate students

Are you an undergraduate student interested in taking the next step in your academic journey? A 9-to-5 business person ready to expand your career opportunities and professional network? Maybe you're a researcher with an idea that will change the world, or a health care professional looking to broaden your skill set. Regardless of where you come from or what you want to do, there's a place for you at UVic.

Shape your future and advance your academic, professional and career goals with a graduate degree from UVic. You'll be part of an inclusive and inspiring community of students, faculty and researchers who love what they do and want to make their ideas count.

With over 160 graduate programs and a tradition of teaching excellence, UVic has built a reputation for quality and innovation that's respected around the globe. We're just waiting for you to become part of it.

Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies for more information.

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