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Ready to make a vital impact?

The Graduate Admissions and Records Office (GARO) provides services to prospective and current students and responds to inquiries related to admissions, registration or records.

Vital impact
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Small particles. Big ideas.

UVic's dynamic learning environment will give you hands-on research experiences.

Hands-on learning
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Mentoring your exploration

Faculty graduate supervisors at UVic value creativity and critical inquiry. They will help you tackle the challenging issues—from cancer cells and fuel cells to climate change and cultural change.

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Follow your research passions

Whether around the block or around the world, your research as a graduate student at UVic can make a vital impact.

Follow your passion
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Put theory into practice

UVic is home to the largest graduate co-op program in Canada. Grad students often arrange co-op work terms that are related to their final projects, theses or dissertations.

Co-op work terms
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A pathway to success

UVic has a number of professional development programs and resources to support your career growth beyond grad school.

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Visit UVic from anywhere in the world, virtually

Experience UVic's extraordinary academic environment from your desktop or mobile device. Follow UVic student tour guides as they walk you through the places they live and learn, and see why UVic's the right fit for you.

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Become a graduate student

Shape your future and advance your academic, professional and career goals with a graduate degree from the University of Victoria. You'll be part of an inclusive and inspiring community of students, faculty and researchers who love what they do and want to make their ideas count.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is home to over 3500 students studying in over 160 graduate programs.  Our tradition of teaching excellence, has built a reputation for quality and innovation that's respected around the globe.

Our natural setting informs programs that speak to our strengths including environmental studies, earth and ocean sciences and sustainable approaches to business, law and engineering.

New graduate offerings reflect areas of emerging interest in civil engineering, health informatics, community development, neuroscience and performing arts. We have deepened our commitment to professional programs and experiential learning opportunities designed to launch and advance careers.

Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies for more information.

Find your supervisor

Connecting with an available academic supervisor who is a good match to see you through a thesis, research project or dissertation is a key piece of the graduate puzzle. It's important to get this right.

Find your supervisor

Contact a recruiter

Recruiter Region Phone
Canada 1-250-853-3587
United States, Mexico, Central & South America, Caribbean Islands 1-250-853-3757
Recruiter Region Phone
All countries in Africa 1-250-472-5569
Recruiter Region Phone
Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and other countries in West Asia 1-250-853-3587
China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries in South and East Asia 1-250-853-3584
Recruiter Region Phone
Australia, New Zealand 1-250-853-3757
Recruiter Region Phone
All countries in Europe, including Russia 1-250-472-5569

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