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About us

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Welcome figure

Invent the future

Engineers and computer scientists are changing the world we live in. At UVic you'll be surrounded by exciting research, experience real-life learning, and study in our state-of-the-art facilities. You'll have access to world-class professors, life-changing opportunities, and possibly the most attractive and vibrant location that any university can offer.

Our internationally-recognized researchers include 10 Canada Research Chairs and an NSERC Environmental Design Chair -- exceptional for a Faculty with 83 faculty members.

Learn more about student life or come for a visit. There's a place for you here.

High technology in Victoria and Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island's high-tech sector is booming. It generates annual revenues of $1.7 billion, greatly strengthening the region's economic diversity. The Faculty of Engineering educates many of the highly-qualified personnel critical to the sector's growth.

Local growth of the high-tech sector has outpaced the provincial average. Greater Victoria is the second-largest technology sector in BC and technology is the #1 private industry in Greater Victoria.


Dr. Tom Tiedje, DeanOn behalf of our faculty, staff and students, welcome to the University of Victoria's Faculty of Engineering

Over the 26-year lifetime of the Faculty, UVic has become one of the top-ranked comprehensive universities in Canada, a leader in surveys of student satisfaction and highly rated in research. Numerous companies have been created and staffed by UVic engineers and computer scientists, an indication of the success of our students and the importance of engineering to society. In part through the efforts of our graduates, technology is now the number one industry on Vancouver Island.

The Faculty of Engineering aspires to achieve a mutually supportive balance among undergraduate and graduate education, research, and service to the community. Cooperative education is a cornerstone of our undergraduate engineering programs and provides our graduates with invaluable experiential learning during their studies.

We offer a wide range of support to students, including Indigenous, female, students with a disability, and general diversity support.

Diverse programs

We offer Bachelor of Engineering degree programs in Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineeering, all accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, and a Bachelor of Science degree program in Computer Science. Each department also offers Masters and Doctoral degrees through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. We also offer specializations in Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering.

The Computer Science department's degree options include new combined degrees with Geography, Health Information Sciences, Music, Psychology, and Visual Arts. These complement the Major and Honours programs in Computer Science and the combined degrees with Mathematics, Physics and Statistics.

Cooperative Education

Co-op, which combines academic studies with related job experience, allows students to earn as they learn, making valuable contacts that will contribute to their career success. Co-op is a required part of the engineering programs.


Our Faculty contributes directly to the knowledge-based economy, and aspires to train the highly qualified individuals who will lead the technology-based economy of the future. The Faculty has about $12M/year in external research grants and contracts, and 10 of our faculty members hold Canada Research chairs. The research areas that are represented in our Faculty can be found by visiting the research areas page and departmental web sites.

Research and innovation are at the heart of our graduate programs. In rapidly evolving disciplines such as ours, keeping our undergraduate programs relevant and up to date depends on active engagement at the forefront of technology. The Faculty of Engineering is committed to ensuring that its research activities expand and flourish, both as the foundation of our degree programs, and for the wider benefits in terms of industrial innovation and discovery of new knowledge.

Tom Tiedje, PhD, PEng, FRSC
Dean of Engineering


Students who complete their graduation requirements "With Distinction" (see page 40 of University Calendar) will be included in the Dean's Graduation List. Click here to see previous years. If your name is listed and you would like it removed, please contact Derek Church at

Fall 2014 convocation

Fall 2014 convocation

Troy E J Taylor
Jason L Bens
Nicholas J Cottrell
Jason L Deglint
Damon T DePaoli
Ruben A du Plessis
Trevor G Engh
Stephanie A Fulcher
Joel N Geddert
Roland E Geisler
Maxwell W Gerrie
Jacob C Gulliver
Stephen D Hunt
Erin M Kelly
Jordan C F Krog
Tyler J Lanigan
Keonhag Lee
Carissa L Ouellette
Sean J C Rumsby
Jonathan Weinzierl
Lewis Weston
Elaine S L Yan
Samuel J Maskell
Richard M T McKenzie

Spring 2014 convocation

Spring 2014 convocation

Cass A Hussmann
Kazu Arai
Holly E Grayson
Graham W Allegretto
Lena A Schmidt
Connor R Maltais
Michel M Kakulphimp
Nathan M Hardy
Sean N McCullagh
Rudolf Erasmus
Ludi Ling
Daniel G McIlvaney
Paul A F Demchuk
Cory M Binnersley
Christopher W Batt
Christopher W Pitkin
Harriet R Willmott
Michael R Miller
Douglas H Thomson
Bryce A Bocking
Njall P Thorsteinsson
Alisa Minderova
Darren A Ross
Adrian Ia MacRae
Jason C Nelford
Lindsay JJohnston
Ryan Pasqua
Eric MLittle
Jared B Griffis
Andrey Polyakov
Jeremy J Mohr
Michael Atavine
Mackenzie J Marshall
Y Ngoc T Nguyen
Adrian F De Lisle
Derek R Binnersley

Fall 2013 convocation

Fall 2013 convocation

Marcus D Greenshields
Curtis M Grieb
Matthew N J Holland
Tri M Huynh
Christopher N Jaccard
Ka Him Kum
Riley J Morrice
Radost A Rychtera
Nicholas J N Turner
Serge M Vincent
Tighe Dukeshire Weare

Spring 2013 convocation

Spring 2013 convocation

Stephen Bates
Jarrah Bergeron
Daniel Brousseau
Frazer Closson
Scott Coutts
Ryan Derry
Timothy Dunbrack
Jordan Ell
Andrew French
Matthew Giles
Patrick Gorman
Julian Grove
Xiaoya Guo
Naomi Harrington
Michael Heavenor
Kristian Hein
Neil Hindle
Kevin Johnson
Jason Jubinville
Bernard Lambrechts
Kevin Lorette
Cole Makinson
Trevor Maryka
Fraser McLeod
Isaac Neufeld
Paul Oldridge
Ryan Petty
David Rusk
Fei Song
Teng Song
Bain Syrowik
Stephen Tredger
Alex Vargas
Craig Watt
Nathan Willson

Fall 2012 convocation

Fall 2012 convocation

Carlos Torchia
Triet Huynh
Rebecca van Grootheest
Rita Cheng
Elena Voyloshnikova
Adam Barnard
Andrew Berry
Andrew Bornstein
Philip Dilk
Andrew Lund
Alexander Stewart
Mark Johnson
Alan Magni
Stephen Warwick
Christopher McKnight

Spring 2012 convocation

Spring 2012 convocation

Daniel Sanders
Jennifer Debroni
Garrett Owen
Geoffrey Burton
Ariane Ouellette
Chai-Ting Hung
Maxym Rukosuyev
Zachary Brown
Brendan Zrum
Curtis Morley
Stephanie Morrison
Michael Cummings
Kristopher Koiner
Philip Laird
Brendan Morgan
Hao Chen
Benjamin Taylor
Steven Truant
Peter Ksiazek
Rajan Gandhi
Timothy Perry
Scott McKevley
Brian Dell
Christian Proch-McMechan
Julie Sparrow
Steven Pennington
Brianna Potvin
Mohammed Alwahibi
John Devine

Fall 2011 convocation

Fall 2011 convocation

William Herbert Bird
Anne Marie Beauvillier
Jesse David Coelho
Heshan Avantha Fernando
Adam Tyler Fleetwood
Craig Ellison Irvin
Merituuli Suzanne Kieksi
Christopher Alfred Millward
Mitchell Robert Wallace

Spring 2011 convocation

Spring 2011 convocation

River Allen
Julius Davies
Kenneth Kiemele
Warren Koch
Nathan Vandenberg
David Audet
Nicholas Cohea
Francesco Marass
Arturo Martinez
Craig Bakker
Robert Bellrose
Matthew Benstead
Jeffrey Bernard
Li Cheng
Jennifer Date
Daniel Gao
David Gong
Stephanie Gregg
Bryce Hughes
Jared Isaac
Colter McQuay
Robert Nishida
Vikramjit Sandhu
Francesco Silletta
Dryden Tamura
Navjeet Tiwana
Tomas Bonet
Graham Campbell
Mark Frederick
Allan Kumka

Fall 2010 convocation

Fall 2010 convocation

Joel Allen
Mark Bavis
Robert Kelly
Jarrett Little
Darcy Pedersen
Luke Stack
Ian Stadler
Trevor Thompson
William Wren
Devin Wyatt
Piper Gordon
Kendall Olsen-Maier
Jeffrey Proctor

Spring 2010 convocation

Spring 2010 convocation

Katherine Chin Aleong
Andrew Barclay
Thomas Burdyny
John Campbell
Brennen Chow
Anna Cox
Travis Danniels
Michael Fryer
Michael Gaiga
Artur Galiullin
John Graham-Knight
Donna Kaminskyj
Joshua Kong
Steven Lonergan
Feng Lu
Steven Masuch
Kevin McCaugherty
Sean Mercer
Reston Nash
Brett Nelson
Joel Niebergal
Daryl Peereboom
Aaron Philippsen
Emmanul Potvin
Yi Qu
Dian Marie Ross
Sean Taylor
Georg Tuchlinski
Marvin Vogstad
Michael Walts
Nathaniel Watt
Jason Wynja


Design engineering covers everything from video games to developing assistive technology, devices and services to improve the quality of life of those with special needs. Design knowledge spans all years and all disciplines throughout the Faculty of Engineering.

The Design Engineering Office is helping UVic meet the growing demand for design engineers, particularly in the area of sustainable energy systems.

Get involved with design projects. Events like the Design Engineering Challenge series will help you build experience and expertise in the field of design while having fun!


Check departmental websites for available positions:


External advisory council

Established in May 2009, the Engineering External Advisory Council exists to provide advice on matters relating to the Faculty's activities in engineering, including its academic programs, teaching, research and professional practice.

The Council's advice is generated from the wealth of experience by its distinguished representatives from the engineering profession, industry and government.

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