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Counsellors of prospective undergraduate students

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Recommending UVic

We work to earn your confidence in recommending and sending students to our campus. As one of Canada's leading universities, UVic does much more than prepare students for the future -- we provide a safe, nurturing environment for them to succeed from the start. Find out more about UVic, including information for guidance counsellors and international counselling.

Amazing job prospects and satisfied students

Engineering and computer science job prospects are amazing and our grads are in demand. Recent surveys show that 94% of them find work immediately, with starting salaries around $56,000. With 96% of our graduates reporting that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience, our reputation speaks for itself.

Why UVic Engineering and Computer Science?

  • Our diverse options offer dozens of ways to customize your degree and focus on what students are really into.
  • Learning extends beyond the classroom here. Our co-operative education (co-op) program is integrated into the Engineering programs, and optional for Computer Science.
  • Our small class size (average 28) means students get the support and recognition that make the difference.
  • Students coming to UVic directly from high school are guaranteed a spot in residence. Get details on the housing and dining pages.
  • Many of our undergrads get a chance to do research in their co-op placements. Our professors often hire co-op students to work as research assistants through NSERC's USRA program.

Stay connected with email updates

  • Students - Prospective students can sign up for regular email updates from UVic. It's an easy way to stay in the loop and connect to the UVic community.
  • Counsellors - Don't miss our monthly counsellors' email about changes that might impact your students. Sign up today -- include your name, email, school name, province/state and country.

First year classes

Bachelor of Engineering students have a common first year so they have a year to decide what to specialize in. See the Calendar for a list of courses they take in each term. First year Computer Science is more flexible; see the Calendar for recommendations for first year courses for Honours or Majors students.


Computer Science


Grade 11

Social Studies
An approved science*

Social Studies
Grade 12 English
An approved science*
Another approved academic course*
Another approved academic course***

* For a complete list of approved science and approved academic courses, see the UVic Admissions site.
** We require a minimum of 73% in this course
*** We recommend Grade 12 Chemistry for this course

A student's admission average is calculated based only on the listed Grade 12 courses.

Admission cut-offs in recent years have been 70%-80%. For more details, including admission requirements for applicants from other provinces and countries, see the UVic Admissions site.


February 28 - Early application deadline for high school students
March 31 - Entrance scholarship deadline
April 30 - Final deadline for BEng and BSEng applicants
May 15 - Final deadline for BSc Computer Science applicants

and GPA

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a measure of how well a student is doing in their academic studies.  See the University Calendar for information on grading and grade point averages.


ENGR undergraduate courses:

Design and Communication I
Course number Course name (links to Calendar entry) Offered
ENGR 001 Work Term 1 normally done in Summer, after 1B
ENGR 002 Work Term 2 normally done in Spring, after 2A
ENGR 003 Work Term 3 normally done in Fall, after 2B
ENGR 004 Work Term 4 normally done in Summer, after 3A
ENGR 100 Security, Privacy, and You
ENGR 112 Design I Fall
ENGR 120 Design and Communication II Spring
ENGR 121 Design II Spring
ENGR 130 Introduction to Professional Practice Fall, Spring
ENGR 141 Engineering Mechanics Spring
ENGR 240 Technical Writing Fall, Spring
ENGR 280 Engineering Economics Fall, Summer
ENGR 297 Technology and Society Summer
ENGR 330 Professional Career Planning and Engineering Leadership Spring
ENGR 400 Sustainable Energy Systems Design Projects Summer
ENGR 446 Technical Report Fall, Spring, Summer
ENGR 498 Engineering Law Spring

Contact an

Academic advisers are an invaluable resource for students. They can help you plan your program, decide which courses to take and find out which courses you can transfer to UVic.

Undergraduate advisers:
  • First year Engineering students: Engineering Undergraduate Office, room 206 in the Engineering Office Wing. 250-472-5322 or
  • Second, third and fourth year BME, MECH and SENG students: Belinda de Jong, room 217 in the Engineering Office Wing. 250-472-5215 or
  • Second, third and fourth year CENG, CIVE and ELEC students: Alejandra Montenegro, room 219 in the Engineering Office Wing. 250-472-5216 or
  • Computer Science students: Sue Butler, room 512 in the Engineering and Computer Science Building. 250-472-5757 or
  • Exchange/Visiting/Study Abroad students: Margaret Gwyn, room 206 in the Engineering Office Wing. 250-472-4051 or


Our students feel safe on campus. UVic received an A+ on students' overall satisfaction with sense of personal safety and security in the 2009 Globe and Mail's Canadian University Report.

Visit the Campus Safety page on the main UVic site for more details about Campus Security, theSafeWalk program, and personal safety coordinators.

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