Faculty Research Committee

The Faculty of Education's research Committee facilitates and enhances a supportive culture for all types of research involving faculty, students and the broader community.

The Faculty Research Committee works on the following:

  • Promoting and advocating research in the faculty.
  • Advocating for research opportunities, funding, and budget.
  • Sponsoring and arranging research seminars, symposia, and workshops.
  • Overseeing and adjudicating the Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Research.
  • Overseeing the Connections Conference and IdeaFest.
  • Arranging seminars or symposia for any Honorary Doctorates sponsored by the Faculty.
  • Liaising with representatives on major research-related committees (VP Research Advisory Committee, etc.).
  • Arranging or conducting professional development workshops.
  • Assisting faculty with grant applications.
  • Facilitating knowledge mobilization via the University of Victoria's communications office and other media outlets.

2016-17 Faculty Research Committee Members:
Dr. Catherine McGregor (Chair), Claire Burgoyne (graduate student), Dr. Ryan Rhodes, Dr. Natalee Popadiuk, Dr. Monica Prendergast, Dr. Todd Milford, Dr. PJ Naylor, Dr. Anne Marshall, & Heather Chestnutt (Faculty Research & Scholarship Coordinator).

For more information, contact Heather Chestnutt at:  or Catherine McGregor at: .